Tracy Sons Wins $100k at TB Promotions Event at Beech Bend Raceway
Bowling Green, KY
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josh luedke tb promotions 100k

Josh Luedke outlasted the entire field on Wednesday in his Law Chevrolet Dragster to take home the grand prize back to Boonville, IN! A brand new complete roller 2024 Mullis Race Car! Nine total in the final took him to the winner circle.
Congrats as well to runner up Mikey Bloomfield! Who debuted his new dragster, 2 Face 2.0, just one race ago and is back in a final round!
marco abruzzi tb promotions 100k 2024
After a long day of sitting and waiting for the weather to clear up, Marco Abruzzi picked up the big win over Jeremy McKague in the final round! Marco is no stranger to the winner's circle and found his way there yet again in his American Race Cars dragster after being .017 total in the final.
McKague started the race in his Nova but found a broken transmission this morning. He swapped over to his brother's shorty dragster and prior to today, had NEVER sat in the car!
Our semi-finalist was Shanna Stone.
tracy sons tb promotions 100k 2024
What an exciting night in an all door car final, Tracy Sons parked it in the winner’s circle in the LB Trailers $100,000 shootout after defeating Doug Burks in the final round! Tracy was also named the TITAN MVP of the weekend after going deep multiple days along with his BIG $100K victory and will also take home a Titan Ultra PG2 Shifter from Drag Race Solutions.
doug burks tb promotions 100k 2024
Burks was red to give Sons the free ride down with his win light shining for $100K! The two have ran a time or two around the local tracks here, so it was exciting to see them line up on the big stage!
zac fulcher tb promotions 100k 2024
Zac Fulcher parked his brand new dragster in the winner’s circle after defeating Logan Back in the final round. Fulcher put together the new M&M just days before rolling into the TB $100K and he found himself in the winner’s circle at the end of the day today.
Taylor Pofahl was our last remaining no-box racer, picking up the Sunday bonus!

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