Blane Parrish and Brandon Lloyd Collect at VMP Triple Threat
Dinwiddie, VA
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Due to the unfavorable weather conditions projected for Sunday, VMP made the early decision to go ahead and make a move on this weekend's event due to the amount of travel and planning that is involved in attending an event like the Triple Threat Bracket Series. Combining Friday and Sunday's purses to match the original $20K on Saturday. McCarty Auto Parts, Inc. and O'Reilly Auto Parts Friday will now feature $20,000 to Win, $5,000 to Runner-Up and $250 round money, starting with 3rd round win - matching FuelTech USA Saturday.
brandon lloyd vmp bracket racer 2024
Brandon Lloyd took down Steve Witherow to grab the first big check of the weekend in the Super64 Shootout tonight! Lloyd was .012 and one above to lock out Witherow who missed it up front.
blane parrish vmp triple threat bracket series 2024
Blane Parrish laid claim to the $20,000 main event on Friday over Jayden Lawler in an all-North Carolina final in the main event, brought to you by McCarty Auto Parts, Inc. and O'Reilly Auto Parts.
In the gambler’s race, Blake Denton grabbed the win after Dink Holmes clicked it red in the Camaro.
Unfortunately the rains came in on Saturday and the event was not able to be finished.
Pre Entries open on Wednesday May 8th at noon EST for the JULY MEGA BUCKS Triple threat!

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