Advanced Product Design is named Official Carburetor of the WDRA
Genoa, OH
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Advanced Product Design, an industry leader in carburetors and fuel management systems, has been announced as the Official Carburetor of the WDRA ahead of the 2024 racing season. As a racer-owned and operated business with twenty-five years of experience, Advanced Product Design (APD) serves as a valuable resource for consistency, tuneability, and high-quality performance.

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APD offers a vast catalog of billet carburetors and fuel systems suitable for all levels of sportsman drag racing with products equipped to handle methanol, E85, or gasoline applications. Located in Genoa, OH, APD employs a knowledgeable staff comprised of mostly drag racers and proudly manufactures everything in-house. The values at APD align perfectly with the mission of WDRA to create the basis of a longstanding partnership.

“I think it’s important to get involved with an organization that is trying to support the racers and is a grassroots type of organization,” said John Kyle, the owner and operator of Advanced Product Design. “The biggest thing is the WDRA is trying to do something that is attractive to not only the seasoned racer but also the entry-level type racer. The fact that WDRA is really trying to listen to the racers is a big deal.”

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, APD products have proven on-track performance with several successful racers finding their way to the winner’s circle, including the company’s own Chris Bear. And even though APD has sold more than 20,000 carburetors, customer service has remained a priority as well as their commitment to quality.

“It means a lot for a prestigious company like APD to trust what WDRA is doing and for them to want to support our racers,” said Jessica Spears with WDRA. “Not only does Advanced Product Design manufacture great carburetors, but they are just great people to work with. It makes a difference as a racer to use a company that understands what we do week in and week out. I’m excited for WDRA racers and racetracks to become familiar with APD and use their products.”

In addition to a wide selection of billet carburetors, APD also sells belt-driven and electric fuel systems, fuel pumps and filters, regulators, adjustable fuel logs, carburetor accessories, throttle stops, and even rocker arms. Interested customers can also send their current carburetor in for a rebuild or APD conversion. For more information, visit the Advanced Product Design website at or email

About WDRA

The mission of the WDRA is to provide value as a sanctioning body to racers and facilities through process modernization, unparalleled service, and value-driven partnerships. For more information, visit our website at

About Advanced Product Design

Advanced Product Design, based in Genoa, OH, specializes in carburetor and fuel management systems for all aspects of motorsports. Here at Advanced Product Design, we believe that every customer is just as important as the last, we do what we say, and we stand behind all our products. Thanks to an unwavering commitment to excellence, a seasoned, passionate staff, and the use of several in-house test vehicles in addition to APD’s in-house dynamometer, APD is proud to be at the forefront of performance technology

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