Motion Raceworks announces "new" Fluid Works Oil Pump Brand
Dewitt, IA
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This week was huge in the Motion Raceworks family of companies as they officially launched the all new Fluidworks division. Something Doug Cook has been passionate about and wanted to do for years. This new division will focus on creating user friendly and new innovative solutions to fluid delivery in the automotive and racing world. Motion has a long passion for improving these things and finally get to take matters into our own hands.
"In July 2023, Motion Raceworks acquired the R&R dry sump oil pumps company from the parent company R&R connecting rods. These are pumps many of our friends have used and depended on for years with great success and we have bolted up to our own engines." stated Motion Raceworks owner Doug Cook. While R&R connecting rods will continue the same ownership (Mike Riechers) and business it has always had, this acquisition of their oil pump company gives Motion the technology and base line product to begin moving forward with oil pumps for use as external wet sump and dry sump systems and other styles of pumps in the future.
fluid works oil pumps
Motion Raceworks has diligently spent the last 6 months making and refining the components to create these oil pumps in house as well as testing and other functions. In addition Motion has been creating bracketry and other components to release along side of and in the future to make using these as easy as possible such as their bolt on LS and Gen V LT bracketry as displayed at the LME booth at PRI.
Motion has already began to build on this technology with a desire to create more usable fluid systems . With a team of 6 engineers in house, R&D and testing work is already under way and more releases will be coming soon.
fluid works oil pumps
Available immediately Motion has single stage wet sumps thru 5 stage oil pumps and accompanying bracketry in stock.  These spur gear style oil pumps are machined in house to rigorous tolerancing, and then hand assembled and flow tested before heading out the door.
Doug Cook ~ Thank you for supporting us in our journey to create parts inspired by racers, directed by your needs, and proudly made in the USA!

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