Mutt & Jeff Race - Complete Results
Numidia, PA
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This past weekend Paul Burris took his Mutt and Jeff Promotions to Numidia Dragway where they were faced to start early, skip a day and finish early due to weather, but ultimately a great call for the race and the racers in attendance.

dylan biondo mutt and jeff bracket race 2023

Results for Thursday's $20,000:
Dylan Biondo (Sal's son)  picks up the 20k win over Brad Doss
Kyle Kohr takes the No Box bonus over John Binkle
Lin Bowie wins the 64 car shootout over Stace Shrawder
brad doss bracket racer
jay ralston bracket racer numidia 2023
Results for Saturdays $24,000:
Jay Ralston over Sal Biondo
Jesse Alberts winner of No Box
Steve Sisko over Shawn Barrett
Best appearing Dragster
Tim Markoglou
Best Appearing Door Car
Andy Purcell
sal biondo 2023 bracket racer

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