Lane Dicken Scores $100k During TB Promotions at Beech Bend
Bowling Green, KY
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The TB Promotions event was sold out as quickly as it was announced as the anticipation of huge payouts coming to the "iconic" Beech Bend Raceway.  A "star studded" field converged on the beautiful facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky on the first weekend of May to race for the largest paying bracket race ever for the facility.

chad mckee tb promotions 2023

Chad McKee showed up in a big way on Thursday, taking his low 5.x Cutlass straight to the $50,000 winners circle.

blake fuqua 2023

Blake Fuqua who lives just 60 miles from Beech Bend made his biggest final to date with his runner up finish in the $50 Grander on Thursday.

lane dicken tb promotions 2023

Lane Dicken showed why he is one of the most talented bracket racers of our era, when he strung together 7 rounds of great packages to take home his 2nd TB Promotions $100k Shootout Win and $100,000 "LARGE" for it!  Lane also won the Titan MVP Award for the weekend taking home a New Titan Ultra PG2 Shifter from Drag Race Solutions.

taylor bowling 2023 tb promotions

Taylor Bowling who is known for being a fierce bottom bulber has been dabbling with top bulb racing of late, scored a great return and a big feather in the cap with his runner up to Dicken during the $100k.

Rains came on Sunday ending the weekend, but all and all a great weekend for everyone considering the forecast heading into the event.

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