Jim Harrington Bracket Nationals Draw Over 400 Entries at Maple Grove
Mohnton, PA
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420 entries made the call on Saturday. Tom Dauber, Randy Krause and Mike Hoff cash in for $20k off the top at the Jim Harrington Bracket Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway. Andrew Bracuto, Nick Bowman and Ricchizza score off the bottom.

tom dauber bracket racer 2023

Tom Dauber took home $20k off the top on Friday.

andrew bracuto bracket racer 2023

Andrew Bracuto cashed in for $5k off the bottom on Friday.

mike hoff bracket racer 2023

Mike Hoff scored the $20k Big Check on Saturday hitting the top.

nick bowman bracket racer 2023

Nick Bowman got the $7,500 Big Check on Saturday from the bottom.

randy krause drag racer 2023

Randy Krause finished off the weekend strong with Sunday's Top $20,000 victory.

matt ricchizza bracket racer 2023

Matt Ricchizza got it done on Sunday cashing in for $5k off the bottom.

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