Titan Ultra PG2 Shifter Line Released by Drag Race Solutions
Gallatin, TN
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Drag Race Solutions newest product, the Titan Ultra PG2 Powerglide Shifter is now available for purchase. The development has been 18 months in the making. Available in Chrome, Matte Black and Gloss Black along with a Carbon Illusion that will be available in mid May. Electric and Air Shifter Versions are also available along with Billet Grips in different coatings to match and raw for racers to have custom painted with their car colors.  

"This product is all USA, with a tremendous amount of help from Mike Fuqua, who's shop FTD Customs helped with the development and machining of the shifter components.  Mike is a great friend and asked me in January 2022 about shifters.  I had told him we went to PRI a few months prior and that my partner Lynn Ellison and I were looking at doing one.  He immediately said I'd like to help, and it was on from there." said Scott Lemen. "To say it was an undertaking is putting it lightly.  There are some good shifters out there and they all have their positives.  We did with the Titan Shifter like we always do with our products, we try to improve on existing parts, modify, fine tune and come up with our own versions that we feel is better than what's out there."

Fast forward 18 months and this weekend at the Spring Fling Galot, Mike Harbaugh & Ray Ray Miller, Trip McCarty and Johnny Ezel will be using Titan Ultra PG2 Shifters in their dragsters.  Stop by and check them out if you're in attendance.  We'd also like to thank Rick Taylor, John Parkes, B&B Race Cars, Chris Gulitti, Folk Race Cars, Josh & Tucker Kanselaar and Dylan Winters for being some of our initial customers.

Titan Ultra PG2 Shifters are available from all Dragster Chassis Builders, our current dealers and online at DragRaceSoltuions.com.

titan powerglide chrome shifter


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