Andy Schmall Wins Vegas Million - Hough Takes Home American Dragster plus $100k
Las Vegas, NV
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Dylan Hough Wins Tuesday American Dragster Shootout at the Moser Spring Fling Million

Advanced Product Design Time Trial Tuesday set the stage for the week at the Moser Engineering Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Racers were given the opportunity to dial in their cars and prepare to take on over 650 entries on property.

The test and tune session ran in conjunction with the eliminations of a 32-Car Shootout made up of both west and east coast talent battling it out for a 2023 American Race Cars rolling chassis custom-painted by Todd’s Extreme, valued at $60,000.

A ladder was set at eight racers that included Shane Thompson, Dustin Long, Dylan Hough, Don Sefton, Shane Molinari, Andy Taylor, Gary Williams, and Colton Aragon. Hough used an .011 package to knock out Sefton, while Molinari used a substantial advantage on the tree over Taylor. Thompson was .003 at the hit over Long, and Williams scored a spot in the semifinals after eliminating Aragon.

In the semifinals, Williams put up a .008 and took .010 at the stripe over Thompson, while Hough ran it dead-on four to the redlight of Molinari. Hough previously had a runner-up finish in a 30K race at the 2021 and Williams a perennial Fling Shootout specialist. 

Dylan Hough American Race Cars 2023

Hough scored the first big check of the week as Williams turned it just .002 red in the final round, taking home the 2023 Todd’s Extreme custom-painted American Race Cars rolling dragster.


Matt Dadas Wins Silverstate $30,000 at the Moser Spring Fling Million

Laris Motorsports Insurance Thursday saw 676 entries stage up for the first round of the $100,000 combined Thursday/Saturday events at the Moser Engineering Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, surpassing the previous day’s car count and continuing the trend of having the largest Fling Million in the seven-year history of the event.

After running the first round of the $100,000 race and the buyback, it was announced that there would be a free $5,000 32-Car Consolation Shootout for drivers who failed to make it through the buyback round. In addition to the shootout, eliminations continued for the final seven racers left in the postponed Silverstate Wednesday $30,000 event.

The drivers remaining on the ladder included Matt Dadas, Colton Aragon, Tyler Bohannon, Luke Bogacki, Courtland Carter, Chris Gulitti, and Gabriel Hernandez Jr. Dadas used a .017 package to knock out Gulitti while Carter advanced by way of Bohannon’s .008 redlight. Bogacki parlayed his .000 reaction into a winlight over Hernandez, and Aragon took a solo shot at the track on the bye.

In the semifinals, Dadas leveraged a substantial advantage on the tree and moved past the five thousandths breakout of Carter. Bogacki and Aragon were separated by just .001 on the tree, but it was Aragon that would hold a spot in the final round.

matt dadas vegas million bracket race 2023

Dadas used an .018 advantage at the hit over Aragon to earn his second Fling event win. Dadas goes undefeated from winning Saturday’s 30K at the 2022 Fall Fling to winning the first day of the 2023 Spring Fling Million for the Silverstate $30,000 big check.

marissa kidd quinton

Marissa (Kidd) Quinton scored the $5,000 32-Car Consolation Shootout victory by way of Kevin Burnett’s .005 redlight.

First round of the Silverstate Million Dollar main event will follow the Brodix Run for the $50,000 Friday morning. For $50, any driver entered in the million can take a shot at laying down a perfect run for a chance to win $50,000. Best package awards include Brodix SR20 cylinder heads, $2,000, and a 2024 Spring Fling Million entry. If a perfect run is not made during the time run session, the driver with the first perfect run during the Million will win $10,000.


Andy Schmall Wins $400,000 at the Richest Spring Fling Million To Date

A historic showing of 364 entries in the first round of the Moser Engineering Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries at Las Vegas Motor Speedway made for a $400,000 winners purse in accordance with the Fling Million progressive payscale.

In the Laris Motorsports Insurance Pro field, Brian Cireddu collected the $2,500 bonus. He had an .011 advantage on the tree over Justin Lamb and took .008 to be dead-on 7. After combining into the Super Pro field, Cireddu exited competition several rounds later.

At round six Jeremy Bargo, Charlie Lockhart, Andy Schmall, Danny Angell, and Zac Fulcher remained on the door car side. On the dragster side Luke Bogacki, Bart Nelson, Nathan Martin, Mark Kidd, Blake Johnson, Cory Gulitti, KC Pesnell, Shawn Langdon, Kyle Cultrera, Mike Bloomfield Jr., and Kris Whitfield.

In the ladder round, Cireddu was .009 and .013 above to advance past Johnson. Whitfield and Cultrera put up identical .014 reactions, but it was Cultrera who moved on after taking .004 at the stripe to be dead-on six. Schmall took a solo shot down the track.

Cultrera received the semifinal bye, while Schmall and Cireddu faced off for a spot in the final round. Schmall had just two-thousandths of an advantage on the tree and took .007 to be dead-on 4 for the win over Cireddu’s dead-on 9 lap.

andy schmall vegas million dollar spring fling 2023

In the high-stakes Million Dollar Friday final round, Schmall was .008 ahead at the stripe to run dead-on four for the win over Cultrera to etch his name on the Fling Million Wall of Fame as the eighth Spring Fling Million Champion.

andy schmall bracket racer

Schmall was also the recipient of the Kyle Seipel Never Give Up Award presented by Ivey Hutto's Golf Cart Sales And Service as the Division 6 (or 7) driver to go the furthest in the Million main event. He earned $5,000 and a custom plaque.

FTI Saturday will wrap up the 2023 Spring Fling Million by crowning one last winner for the combined Thursday and Saturday $100,000-to-win race.


Dylan Hough Wins FTI/Laris $100,000 Saturday at the Moser Spring Fling Million

The final day of the Moser Engineering Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries at Las Vegas Motor Speedway saw the continuation of the combined Laris Motorsports Insurance Thursday and FTI Performance Saturday $100,000-to-win event. First round and the buyback round of the 671 entry event was run on Thursday, and Saturday kicked off with the second round.

In the Laris Motorsports Insurance Pro final, Dennis Paz captured his first win in his copper Super Stock El Camino against Justin Lamb who turned it just .002 red in his Super Stock Cobalt. Paz earned a $2,000 Pro Bonus, custom Pro trophy, and entered eliminations of the super pro field the following round.

The five remaining drivers on the ladder included Jeff Verdi, Dennis Paz, Dylan Hough, Jason Lynch, and Don Sefton. Verdi was .008 to Lynch’s .009 with Lynch taking .001 to run dead-on 1 to the dead-on 3 of Verdi. Paz let go .017 to have a .015 advantage on the tree over Hough but bowed out by way of a double breakout. Sefton clicked it off early on the bye run.

In the semifinals Sefton was .008 and .013 ahead at the stripe for the win over Lynch, while Hough was .016 on the solo.

dylan hough spring fling vegas 2023 bracket race 

It was Hough that parked it in the winner’s circle for the last big check of the weekend in the all west coast final. He was .011 and dead-on eight in the final against the .004 redlight of Don Sefton. Hough also won the first day of the event during the 32-Car Dragster Shootout, taking home the 2023 American roller.

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