SFG Christmas Bracket Bash - Complete Results
Bradenton, FL
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Brian Folk kicked off the week with the Warm-Up Win on Tuesday, Cory Gulitti collects $50k and Kevin Brannon and Matt Dadas take home $75k during this past weekend's SFG Christmas Bracket Bash in Bradenton, Florida.
Day 1 results at the 3rd annual SFG Promotions, Inc. Christmas Bracket Bash.
brian folk sfg christmas bracket bash 2022
The Sean Serra 20k Warmup did not disappoint with 338 of the badest bracket racers in the country. In the semifinals it was Jeff Serra from Virginia with the lone Dragster entry up against Brian Folk from Illinois and Jeremy Bargo from Kentucky with the bye into the final. Folk survived the double breakout and made it an all door car final. In the final Bargo turned it red handing the win to Folk.
Day 2 results of the 3rd annual SFG Promotions, Inc. Christmas Bracket Bash
cory gulitti sfg xmas bracket bash 2022
Wednesdays 50k race showed why SFG Promotions races stands alone from any other races. At SFG Door Cars and Dragsters are kept separate with 2 separate bye runs which in turn gives you a 90 percent chance to end up with a Door Car vs Dragster final. Most Door Car guys love the idea of not racing a Dragster until the final round. But the main reason SFG is different from other brands is the SFG JackPot. For 100 bucks the JackPot gives a Racer that's completely out of the race that last glimmer of hope to not only get back in the race but have a chance to win the event. So going into rd 4 Wednesdays winner Cory Gulitti from Texas was completely out of the race and was getting ready to go out for dinner with friends and family when his girlfriend told him to stop by and purchase a JackPot ticket and that's when the magic began. Cory was one of the 8 drivers whose name was drawn to go back into the 50k main event. He then fought his way thru the other 7 JackPot winners which put him back into the main event. From that point Cory proved why he is in my opinion one of the top 5 Bracket Racers in the world (Cory Gulitti will be invited to the SFG GOAT race which will be 32 of the baddest bracket racers to ever put on a helmet. (It will be ran on the 1/4 mile) taking place at the 2023 1.1 Million in July of 2023. More details to come. Back to the race. Once Cory was put back in the race he had to beat Louisiana racer Johnny Ezell twice.
(By the way Ezell will be invited to the SFG GOAT race also) Ezell was still doubled on the Dragster side of things with 3 Dragsters left he was 2 of them.
After defeating Ezell the for the 2nd time (which is a slight miracle in itself) he had to face Ohio racer Logan Back in the final round. Back defeated local favorite and standout Bracket racer Jon Siegel in the famed Wheelie Wagon in the door car final.
In the final it was Gulitti doing what Gulitti does taking the prestigious Riley trophy along with 50,000 bucks back to Texas.
Day 3 Results - Thursdays 50k race was called due to a 90 percent chance of rain. Thursdays purse will be split into Friday and Saturday Payout making it 75k to win both days.
Day 4 results of the 3rd annual SFG Promotions, Inc. Christmas Bracket Bash
kevin brannon sfg christmas bracket bash 2022
Fridays 75k race came down to 4 racers that's no strangers to big money wins. South Carolinas Kevin Brannon,Maines Kyle Cultrera, Ohios Matt Dadas and North Carolinas Jerry Brewer have all won events that paid 100k or more. When the smoke cleared it was Kevin the Rabbit Brannon in his Door Car defeating Kyle Cultrera when Cultrera red-lit away his chances. Semi finalist was Matt Dadas and Jerry Big Brew Brewer.
Day 5 results of the 3rd annual SFG Promotions, Inc. Christmas Bracket Bash
matt dadas sfg christmas bracket bash 2022
The last day once again came down to a Door Car vs Dragster final in another monster match up with Matt Dadas battling through 440 entries defeating Will Holloman to make it 3 door car wins to just 1 for dragsters. Semifinalist were Taylor Rich and Tyler Bohannon. Rich used his semifinal finish to narrowly sneak past Johnny Ezell to become the 1st ever SFG Promotions, Inc. Points Champ.
Holloman was the 2nd driver in 3 days to take advantage of the SFG JackPot to defy the odds and make it to the final round. Earlier in the week Cory Gulitti used the JackPot to become the 2nd driver to make it work and score a win from the JackPot drawing. Kyle Cultrera used a JackPot win to go on to win at the Superbowl of Bracket Racing in Darlington South Carolina.

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