Renegade Ratman FS1 Traction Compound Back in Production
Owensboro, KY
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Renegade has announced that Ratman FS1 Concentrate Traction Compound has been in production for two weeks and is ready for shipment. Renegade wants to thank the many track owners, racers, and their R&D team members for the vigorous testing over the last several months. The current formula is proving to be an improvement to what was on the market before. Renegade Founder Toby Baptiste said, “We had the opportunity to make a product when the shortage happened but we knew it wouldn’t be cutting edge.”  “We value relationships over profits and could not charge for a product that would not produce excellent results”. “Here at Renegade, it is more about the customer and less about us and we are excited to have a cutting edge traction compound back on the market,” said Baptiste.

For more information please check out or 800-733-3381

renegade fs1 traction compound

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