Tom Aretakis Jr. Dominates the Todd’s Extreme Paint World Super Pro Challenge!
Stanton, MI
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Thursday Kicked off the OG $50k race with a Digital Delay $10k to win race along with 3 gambler races at the end of the day.

In the 1/4 final Jimmy Fancisco received the bye, Chase Mckay in his Camaro matched up with Staci Jones in her dragster. McKay was .023 6.518 on a 6.50 to come up short as Jones was.011 5.164 on a 5.15. Darren McChesney defeated  Mike Fuqua when Fuqua was under his 4.55 dial. In the final pair Jim Hamilton faced Tom Aretakis Jr. Although Aretakis was behind on the tree, Hamilton brokeout with a 4.586 on his 4.59 to hand the win to Aretakis.

In the Semis Aretakis defeated Francisco with a 6.440 on his 6.43, and Francisco was dead on his 5.64 but was behind at the tree. McChesney turned it red handing the win to Jones to advance to the final.

In the final Jones had a .003 starting line advantage but went 5.165 on her 5.14 while Aretakis went 6.445 on his 6.43 to pick up his first win of the weekend.

After the $10k final was run, three 16 car gamblers races were run. Blake Fuqua picked up the $2000 Dragster win over Collin Estes. Scott Taylor picked up the Doorcar win over Joe Bauman in the battle of roadsters and Eric Pabesich picked up the win over Danny Angell in the open gambler.

Friday was the Pro Systems $10k along with 4 more gamblers races ran at the completion of the main event.

In the 1/4 final the No Box 32 winner Jeff Alexander turned it red against Cody Heidt who was .002 6.214 on a 6.21. Cody was in his 2nd entry against Brandon Barker where Heidt was red to advance Barker. Warren Smith & Bernie Vanderploeg matched up after Smith had trouble on the starting line handing the win to Vanderploeg. Mike Bonebright completed the round with the bye run.

In the semis Barker & Heidt had to matchup again where  Barker picked up the win .009 5.029 on a 5.01 while Heidt was .015 6.224 on the 6.21  to be .001 behind.  Bonebright was .000 5.020 on a 5.01 to beat Vanderploeg’s .013 6.026 on a 6.02 by .009.

brandon barker 

In the final round Brandon Barker collected the win going .009 5.029 on his 5.02 when Bonebright was .002 4.999 on his 5.00.

The McCarty Auto Parts/FTI Racer Appreciation gambler race had 16 random draw weekend tech cards racing for $2,000 to win, $750 Runner up & $500 FTI certificates to the semis.  Semi Finalists were AJ Ashe & Mike Bonebright, Jeff Burdess picked up the win over a redlighting Billy Farrell.

The 50 years old & older gambler had Jack Kassin picking up the win over Kenny Underwood.

The Doorcar Gambler saw Wes May pick up the win over Collin Estes & the Dragster Gambler winner was Scott Hoernlein over Randy Schuer.

The decision was made to combine Saturday’s $50k with Sunday’s $5k due to rain forecasted for Sunday. The Saturday Main event was now $55k to win with the additional round money added all the way down.

Skyler Drews was on the bye with 7 cars remaining on Saturday after laying down a Perfect Run to be the #1 qualifier. Bill Swain defeated Kirby McLennan who was .005 under his 4.37 dial, Tom Aretakis Jr. picked up the win over Jason Preston who was also under his 6.43 dial & Danny Angell got the win over Wes May in the final pair as Wes ran a 6.819 on his 6.82 dial.

danny angell drag racer

In the Semi Final the door cars of Aretakis & Angell squared off to get to the final, both drivers were off the bottom & Angell was the No Box 32 Winner for the day & was in all 3 No Box 32 finals during the week. Angell was .027 6.129 on his 6.13 & Atretakis was .019 6.445 on a 6.43 to advance to the final.

skyler drews drag racer

Drews & Swain matched up in their dragsters with Swain laying down an .020 4.515 on a 4.51 but that wasn’t enough for Drews who was .011 4.772 on his 4.77 to advance to the final.

tom aretakis jr world super pro challenge 2022

In the final Aretakis was .016 dead on 6.442 on his 6.44 to hold off Drews .013 4.780 on his 4.77 to pick up the $55k win by .005. Aretakis became the 1st racer to ever win the OG $50k off the bottom!

jeff gillman todds extreme paint dragster

“NEW” for 2022 was the Todd’s Extreme Racer Appreciation Points, where all racers driving a car previously painted by Todd’s Extreme accrued points throughout the weekend.  Jeff Gillman placed 1st, where he received $2,500, Russ Adams received $1,000 for his 2nd place finish and Gary Fleenor placed 3rd and received $500!

Mark your calendars August 3-6, 2023 for the 30th Annual Todd’s Extreme Paint World Super Pro Challenge.


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