Spring Fling Galot - Complete Results
Benson, NC
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Kevin Brannon Wins Laris Motorsports Insurance $20,000 Shootout at the Spring Fling

The RAD Torque Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at GALOT Motorsports Park fired up with Rob’s Test & Tune Tuesday in which drivers dialed their cars in for a full slate of racing throughout the week.

The victor of the Laris Motorsports Insurance $20,000 Shootout would partake in the first winner’s circle celebration of the weekend. The list of the 32 competitors consisted of seasoned veterans and up-and-coming talent alike.

As the day progressed into the early afternoon a ladder was set at eight cars including John Brown, Noah Lewis, Chris Gulitti, Troy Williams Jr., Kevin Brannon, Gary Williams, Mike Harbaugh, and Kyle Cultrera. Troy Williams Jr. was .017 total to advance past the .018 light of Cultrera, while Gulitti turned it .001 red to Harbaugh. Gary Williams broke out by just one thousandth on Lewis for the loss, and Brown was two thousandths red against Brannon’s .014 package.

In the semifinals Lewis was .002 red to Williams while Brannon used a .017 advantage on the tree and took one thousandth on Harbaugh for the win, creating an all-star matchup in the next round. Neither driver was a stranger to a Fling final, with both racers having a reputation of dominating big bucks bracket races across the country, 

kevin brannon spring fling galot 2022

By way of Williams’ redlight, it was “The Rabbit” who backed up his Spring Fling Million main event win just under two weeks prior with the Laris $20,000 big check.


Tim Markoglu Wins APD $15,000 Wednesday at the Spring Fling

The second day of the RAD Torque Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at GALOT Motorsports Park saw drivers battling it out for the Advanced Product Design $15,000 purse. The Flings Winner’s Circle banner rippled in the breeze adjacent to the starting line Wednesday morning as 311 racers staged up for the opportunity to park their car in that very spot at the end of the night.

As the field dwindled down a ladder was set at 15 entries. Eight then returned for the quarterfinals including Kyle Cultrera in two entries, Tim Markoglu, Jimmy Chavis, Bob Engelman, Jon Corbin, David Brodsky, and Randall Blinson.

In the first pairing Cultrera squared off with Blinson, using a .013 light and .010 stripe to advance his first entry into the semifinals. Chavis held a .034 advantage on the tree over Brodsky for the win, while Corbin turned it five thousandths red to Markoglu. Engelman’s .002 bulb awarded him a .031 head start at the hit to knock Cultrera out in his second entry.

Four drivers remained and Markoglu used a .008 and .0006 stripe to secure a spot in the final round over Chavis. In a rematch from the quarterfinals, Cultrera turned it three thousandths red to Engelman.

Markoglu had been no stranger to Fling final rounds previously with a 2021 Spring Fling GALOT $100,000 main event win, 2021 Tuesday Shootout winner at the Fall Fling in Bristol, and most recently runner-up in the American Dragster Tuesday Shootout at the Spring Fling Million in Las Vegas just two weeks ago. Conversely, it would be Engelman’s first Fling final round appearance.

tim markoglu 2022 spring fling galot

In a 4.44 heads-up match, Markoglu was in control with a .006 bulb to Engelman’s .032. The Staten Island resident picked up yet another Fling big check, this time for APD $15,000 Wednesday.


Will Roberts Wins JEGS Performance $30,000 Thursday at the Spring Fling

As the week progressed at the RAD Torque Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at GALOT Motorsports Park, the stakes grew even higher. JEGS Performance Thursday saw a surge of new racers arriving to the track in pursuit of the $30,000 payday.

What was once 369 entries eventually became nine drivers returning for the ladder round including Cameron Manuel, Blane Parrish, Will Roberts, Donald Brown, Bailey Ferraro, Eric Aman, Ryan Barnes, Kevin Glenn, and Kevin Brannon.

Parrish turned it .004 red to Manuel while Ferraro laid down .002 total against the .015 bulb of Aman. Glenn used a seven thousandths advantage on the tree and ran dead-on eight to advance past Barnes, and Roberts was .011 total for the win against Brown. Brannon was .003 and dead-on two to be .005 total on the bye.

By way of Manuel’s redlight Ferraro earned a free pass to the semifinals while Roberts enjoyed a single. Glenn was .007 on the tree and Brannon wasn’t far behind with a .013, but it was Glenn running his ‘66 Nova dead-on three to move on.

Roberts was .014 and crossed the stripe by .005 to be dead-on six against Ferraro to secure his spot alongside the door car of Glenn who awaited him after taking the green on his bye to the final.

will roberts 2022 spring fling galot wc

The door car versus dragster final ended on the starting line after Glenn turned it .006 red to Roberts’ .006 on the green side. The GALOT local guided his dragster through 10 rounds of competition to hoist the trophy at the end of JEGS $30,000 Thursday.


Dink Holmes Wins Silverstate $100,000 Friday at the Spring Fling

The time had arrived for the Silverstate Friday main event at the RAD Torque Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at GALOT Motorsports Park. Before 410 entries rolled in the lanes for the first round of the $100,000 race, the day began with the Spring Fling Reaction Time Challenge in which $600 was dealt to various racers on the starting line for .00X lights.

Between rounds, the Brodix Best Package Runoff was on deck between the best door car and best dragster package of Wednesday eliminations through the third round on Friday. It was Bill Fordyce who put up a .001 package with a perfect light to square off with Sammy Hollingsworth, who was .003 total with a .000 bulb to qualify. Fordyce walked away with the SR20 heads by way of Hollingsworth’s five thousandths breakout.

As racers and their families enjoyed the Laris Motorsports Insurance Racer Appreciation Party with free food and a live DJ adjacent to the dragstrip, fewer drivers returned for each round until 10 remained to be put on a ladder including Richie Brown, Sean Serra, Daren Lotts, Josh Duggins, Dink Holmes, Dallas Glenn, Christian Walston, Greg Hicks, Robert Holton, and Larry Meray.

Glenn and Brown put up identical .014 reactions and Glenn was dead-on eight to advance, while Serra was .008 taking .005 to be dead-on six over Walston. Holton was .010 total for the win against Duggins, and Holmes used a .027 advantage at the hit against Meray to advance. In the last pair, Lotts turned it .004 red to Hicks.

In the quarterfinals Holton laid down .007 total to move past Glenn, and Holmes crossed the stripe first by .006 to be dead-on four against Hicks. On his bye, Serra was .015 on the tree.

Serra earned his place in the final round after a .016 package while Holton broke out by eight thousandths. Holmes ran it out on his free pass to run opposite Serra for the big check.

dink holmes 2022 spring fling galot race winner

In the final of Silverstate $100,000 Friday the first-generation Camaro of Holmes illuminated the scoreboard after running dead-on five to the three-thousandths breakout of Serra after a runner-up finish the weekend prior at GALOT’s $21,000 Blackjack Double Down Shootout.


Gary Williams Wins Wiseco $30,000 Saturday at the Spring Fling

On Wiseco Performance Products $30,000 Saturday at the RAD Torque Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries, 401 dedicated racers would pursue the final big check and trophy of the week.

The last of the giveaways would be dealt throughout the day with best losing package prizes and special awards. The Fling Team selected the 2022 American Dragster of Noah Lewis to take home the Todd Barton Design Best Appearing Car Award in which the rail features a combination of two reversed paint schemes.

Several candidates were in mind for the Kyle Seipel Never Give Up Award but it was Jason Sizemore who was presented with the crystal plaque and $1,000 courtesy of Ivey Hutto Golf Cart Sales & Service. Sizemore suffered an on-track incident earlier in the week in his Beretta, then continued eliminations in his dragster despite the accident and mechanical problems.

After going through round-by-round statistics The Fling Team determined that it was too close to call to make a decision on just one MVP. Tim Markoglu and Kevin Brannon were called up to the tower and named co-MVPs, splitting the $1,000 check and flipping a coin for the Todd’s Extreme custom-painted Impact helmet.

The remaining 10 on the ladder included Brandon Lane, Camryn Fredrickson, TG Paschal, Donovan Williams in two entries, Michael Spencer, Jeff Verdi, Gary Williams, Chris Stine, and Joe Julsrud.

Five drivers returned for the seventh round. In the first pair, Gary Williams was .002 taking .004 to be dead-on seven and Spencer broke it out two thousandths. Stine and Julsrud both let go .018, but Stine ran it dead-on zero for the win while Lane put up .011 total on the bye.

In the semifinals Lane used a commanding advantage on the tree with a .003 bulb to advance past Stine, while Gary Williams was .000 and dead-on zero to put up a perfect run on his single.

gary williams spring fling galot race winner 2022

The Wiseco $30,000 event ended on the starting line as Lane turned it .006 red to the .005 bulb of Williams, who parked the second door car of the weekend in the Fling Winner’s Circle.

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