Kevin Brannon Wins Spring Fling Million - Jim Glenn Scores American Dragster
Las Vegas, NV
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Jim Glenn Wins Tuesday American Dragster Shootout at the Spring Fling Million

Excitement rumbled within the desert winds throughout the facility at the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries as over 530 racers warmed their cars up for Advanced Product Design Time Trial Tuesday. 

Several sessions of test and tune intertwined with the eliminations of a 32-Car Shootout comprised of both west and east coast talent battling it out for a 2022 American Race Cars rolling chassis custom-painted by Todd’s Extreme, valued at $50,000.

A ladder was set at eight competitors that included Scott Lemen, Andy Schmall, Dwaine Ringguth, Mike Rock, Taylor Strange, Jim Glenn, Luke Bogacki, and Tim Markoglu. The lone door car of Schmall bowed out by way of a one thousandth breakout against Lemen and Ringguth advanced past the seven thousandths breakout of Rock. Strange turned it just one thousandth red to Jim Glenn, while Markoglu’s .016 package eliminated Bogacki.

The semifinals saw Markoglu win on a double breakout over Ringguth after being one thousandth under, while Glenn used a .017 advantage against Lemen on the starting line to earn himself a spot in the final. With a .003 reaction, Markoglu would have lane choice over Glenn.

The final would be a faceoff between two past Fling event/shootout winners. Markoglu celebrated a $100,000 main event win at the 2021 Spring Fling GALOT and a 2021 Fall Fling Tuesday Shootout victory, and Glenn secured a check from the 2020 Fall Fling West $100,000 Shootout.

jim glenn drag racer 2022 vegas fling

The west coast versus east coast matchup was decided by the .008 package of Glenn who will take the immaculate 2022 American dragster with him back to Washington.


Silverstate $30,000 Wednesday at the Spring Fling Million To Be Completed Thursday Morning

Las Vegas, NV — Racers were greeted on the second day of the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima with blue skies and a big check for $30,000 awaiting the final car remaining at the end of the night. 540 drivers staged up for the first round of Silverstate Wednesday in hopes of claiming the first Fling trophy of the weekend.

Eliminations carried deep into the night and what was once a substantial Laris Motorsports Insurance Pro field became a Laris Pro final between Chad Sandlin and Lucas Walker. An incident in the pits before the semifinals resulted in Walker switching vehicles from Kevin Pollard’s Chevy Luv to the Camaro belonging to Raider Campbell. Walker then eliminated Nick Hastings, while Sandlin advanced past the ‘02 Chevy pickup of John Floyd Jr.

The Laris Pro final was decided by the commanding .025 advantage on the tree held by Walker with a .007 bulb, who earned a spot on the ladder at six cars in addition to the $1,000 Laris Pro Bonus. The quarterfinals would include Walker, Mike Crader, Jeff Serra, Rodger Sauder, Shawn Langdon, and Serra in his second entry.

Walker maintained his string of stellar lights off the bottom using a .002 to knock Serra out in his first entry which would score him the bye at three cars. Sauder’s dead-on seven run put Crader out of the running, while Serra was .008 taking .008 to move past Langdon.

Before the semifinals, race control made the decision to conclude Silverstate $30,000 Wednesday on Thursday morning where Walker will have the bye and Serra will face Sauder.


Two Winners Crowned on Moser $30,000 Thursday at the Spring Fling Million

Double the celebrations were in store for Moser Engineering $30,000 Thursday at the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries. While 561 racers went down the track for the first round, three drivers still remained from Wednesday night’s $30,000 Silverstate race.

As several thousand dollars in prizes were dealt the field eventually dwindled down to 16 cars and the Laris Motorsports Insurance Pro field had narrowed to two Super Stockers — the Cobalt of Justin Lamb and the El Camino of Dennis Paz. Lamb used a nearly .050 head start at the tree to secure the $1,000 bonus and a place at nine cars. He would join Chris Gulitti, Rick Milinazzo, Vinny DiMino, Gary Williams, Tim Markoglu, Justin Lamb, Kris Whitfield, Chris Northup, and Marco Abruzzi.

Five drivers came out of the other side of round seven for the quarterfinals. Markoglu had the bye after a perfect light the previous round, and Whitfield used an .011 advantage on the tree to advance past Lamb to the semifinals. Williams was .005 taking .006 to be dead-on seven to knock out Gulitti, earning himself a solo shot.

Although Markoglu held a .009 advantage on the tree, Whitfield took just seven ten-thousandths  to move on to the final. Williams locked down lane choice with a perfect light in his bye run.

kris whitfield vegas fling race winner 2022

Whitfield was .011 total on Williams to score his first ever Fling event win on Moser $30,000 Thursday after coming close over the years, particularly his runner-up finish in the 2021 Spring Fling Million final against Bo Butner. The victory follows his NHRA Division 7 Super Comp win just five days prior at LVMS.

Then it was time to finish off Silverstate $30,000 Wednesday, in which Laris Pro winner Lucas Walker enjoyed a bye run and Rodger Sauder ensured it would be an all-door car final after a .007 bulb and running just two thousandths under on a double breakout against Jeff Serra.

Sauder turned it .002 red to the .004 of Walker who would become the second-ever driver to come up from the Pro category to win a $30,000 event at the Spring Fling Million. An off-track incident before the semifinals resulted in Walker switching vehicles from Kevin Pollard’s Chevy Luv to the Camaro belonging to Raider Campbell. 

lucas walker spring fling race winner 2022

“I did it for Kevin… that’s all I could think about. I wanted to turn these win lights on for him, mainly the last one. I wouldn’t be here without Raider or Kevin. I can’t thank those guys enough,” Walker said of the win.

First round of the Silverstate Million Dollar main event will follow the Brodix Run for the $50,000 Friday morning. For $50 any driver on property can buy in — regardless of whether they run the Million — for a chance to win $50,000 for a perfect run. Best package awards include Brodix SR20 cylinder heads, $2,000, and a 2023 Spring Fling Million entry. If a perfect run is not made during the time run session, the driver with the first perfect run during the Million will win $10,000.


Kevin Brannon Wins the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries

The air was electric with the anticipation of the huge payout in store on Silverstate Million Dollar Friday at the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries. 260 drivers had their game faces on as the intensity of the $285,000 at stake increasingly became a reality as the day progressed.

The Brodix Run for the $50,000 provided all racers on property the opportunity to turn $75 into $50,000. If a driver put down a perfect run with a .000 reaction time and ran dead-on their dial-in with a zero, they would be handed a check for $50,000 on the spot while the top three packages would receive various prizes. With four racers tied at a .005 package, names were randomly selected for the awards. Jim Glenn won the SR20 cylinder heads from the drawing, and Gary Williams claimed both the second and third prizes with two entries - $2,000 and a 2023 Spring Fling Million tech card.

In what felt like the blink of an eye, the sun sank down behind the desert mountains and the track lights reflected off the racing surface as the Laris Motorsports Insurance finalists staged up to find out who would join the rest of the competition on the ladder. Perennial Fling bottom-bulb finalists Andy Schmall and Nick Hastings met in a monster match-up. Schmall used a .014 reaction and ran dead-on nine to knock out Hastings, advancing to the round of 13.

Those who fell just short of the quarterfinals included Gary Williams, Jeff Serra, Johnny Ezell, Donny Burleson, and Austin Williams. Round seven would see the pairings of Dylan Hough and Spencer Massey, Doug Foley Jr. and Andy Schmall, Dan Northrop and Kevin Brannon, and Chris Gulitti on the bye.

Schmall took .010 to be dead-on zero for the win against Foley, while Brannon laid down .008 total to the .013 package of Northrop. Hough bowed out against Massey who was .006 with a .043 advantage on the tree to lock in a spot in the semifinals, while Gulitti took the green on his single.

There were no slouches in the semifinals as Massey was .008 taking .008 to be dead-on two in his small-tire ‘71 Nova against the .018 package of Gulitti. Schmall’s .015 bulb was locked out by the .010 package of Brannon.

kevin brannon 2022 spring fling million vegas race winner

In the final round Brannon was .005 and took .002 to be two thousandths under on a double breakout against Massey, who was .010 on the tree and just five thousandths under the dial. In the Hough family Race Tech dragster he’d never sat in prior to Friday morning, Brannon had captured his second Million dollar event win.

"This is all for Kyle [Seipel] right here. The first one without him... I just want to dedicate this one to him, and Bob [Unkefer],” said Brannon after cashing in on his $285,000 payday. The winner’s circle awaited him with Vegas showgirls, and a limousine to escort him to a suite at the Cosmopolitan.


Peeps Pennington Wins FTI Performance $30,000 Saturday at the K&N Spring Fling Million

The last Fling trophy and big check would be handed out on FTI Performance $30,000 Saturday at the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries. 500 drivers staged up for the first round in hopes of leaving the facility a 2022 Fling event winner.

What was left of the $60,000 in prizes and product was dealt as the number of cars that returned for each round lessened. The two remaining Laris Motorsports Insurance Pro drivers met in round six, in which Brian Cireddu eliminated Wyatt Ezell after a .019 bulb and took .008 to be dead-on seven for the win.

Cireddu proceeded to join the super pro side of the ladder in the quarterfinals. The seven other drivers included Jake Jones, Kris Whitfield, Tim Markoglu, David Myhre, Peeps Pennington, Dennis Lithgow, and Michael Needham. 

Myhre was .000 taking .008 to be dead-on nine over Needham, while Pennington was .006 taking .004 to be dead-on three to advance past Whitfield. Lithgow was .013 and dead-on nine to move past Markoglu, and Cireddu turned it just three thousandths red to Jones.

In the semifinals, Pennington was .008 with a .009 advantage on the tree to secure his spot in the final round, while Myhre was perfect on the tree again and ten thousandths above to remove Lithgow from competition.

peeps pennington vegas fling 2022

For the last $30,000 big check of the weekend, Pennington laid down the third perfect run of his career to capture the FTI Performance Saturday win. The former Spring Fling Million champion locked out Myhre who was .009 and three thousandths under the dial.

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