Ultratech Race Fab Dragster to debut at PRI Show in Indy
Leroy, MI
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John Parkes has been building the "baddest" dragsters on the planet for over a decade now.

During the last two years John and the crew at Chrome-Worx stopped production on the "legendary" Chrome-Worx Ultracar to concentrate on a new generation of sportsman dragsters.

ultra tech race fab dragster

shop construction  race car shop

In the spring of 2019 the vision of Ultratech Race Fab turned into a business plan which not only included the innovation of a "next generation" dragster but an expanded 9000 sq ft facility to house the newly formed chassis company and the capability to produce everything needed under one roof.

John along with his father outfitted this trick new facility with all the goods neccessary for a pro level chassis shop, with 3 phase power throughout, along with all the other necessary electrical, plumbing, and storage that would be needed to efficiently run the new company for years to come.

As John put it “To do this right I need to pause production on ultracars assembly and fully commit our time to this new chassis.  This new chassis needs to be perfect and so does the process.  We don’t want to rush anything. The design, the process, the car, the equipment, it all needs to be perfect. Lets shoot for the 2021 PRI show.”

And that he will when Car Number 1 is revealed at the DragRaceResults.com booth December 9-11, 2021.

race car chassis jig

Throughout the building process of the shop, John didn't settle for "we can do that later".  He took the time to do it the way he felt it needed to be done the first time.  He visioned the equipment he would need and also would want later down the road and planned for that also during the construction which also included CNC and Laser equipment for tabs, bracketry, etc. for the construction of the new cars.

dragster chassis jig

The shop wasn't the only part that needed designed and built.  He needed chassis jigs for a car that had never been built.  So the 1st car and 1st jig got built together and then a 2nd jig was replicated.  John was quick to point out that every tube, bracket and panel would be jig located for identical placement from car to car.

dragster jig  4 link jig

dragster body mold

Todd Zeller of Todd's Extreme Paint was heavily involved in not only the paint work, but the build of the mold for the Ultratech exclusive composite body.  Many hours were involved in the radius's and overall look so it wouldn't replicate all the other 1 piece composite bodies on the market today.

dragster nose

Flashing back to all of the Chrome-Worx built cars John has done over the years, one could only imagine the design changes and modification John could dream up when given a blank slate for design.  He has worked with just about every brand of chassis over the years and felt he could pull from that bank of knowledge and combine that with his education background to fine tune any feature necessary during the design.  You have seen that above and will continue to see that as we move along in the article.

With every piece and panel on a Ultratech dragster being composite, molds were needed to be designed, built to perfection and pre fit in a build before sending off to have the final composite parts made.  This includes all the interior panels, mounting plates and blow shield.

dragster dash   belly pan

 ultratech dragster scoggin dickey race engines

Parkes knew the ultimate test for a "new" never before designed dragster chassis was if it could go fast.  Real Fast!  For power to do so, he chose to work with Alan Bracy and Scoggin-Dickey Performance Center Raceshop.  SDPC's 540 CID engine sports a F3R-112 (old F1x12r) Procharger which would power the new car to sub 4 second runs in the 1/8th.

pro charger racing engine

ultratech dragster

Mickey Thompson tires on the rear where plenty to handle the .941 60ft time this bad boy laid down!

dragster interior dash

Todd's Extreme Paint was spilled all over the interior of this dragster, which makes you really have to look to even find the K&R Performance products.  Take a close look at the curved to fit interior safety panels which roll right into the dash along with the composite floor board and incorporated contoured glove box.

dragster dash ultratech

dragster interior

dragster battery    dragster batteries

Ultratech dragsters are designed to house a single or dual lithium battery setup in the front or the option of a larger conventional battery in the mid section.

Shown below is the adjustability provided in the steering shaft along with a bronze bushing which are also used on the brake and gas pedal assembly.  Only the foot pedal master cylinder is housed up front as the hand brake cylinder is hidden out of sight in the rear next to the fuel cell.  This also provides extra leg room in the drivers area with the removal of the hand brake rod along the left leg area.

dragster steering shaft

dragster foot box cover

Composites everywhere!  Including the footbox panel and the blow shield!  That's "real" carbon with paint applied by Todd's Extreme!  Belly pans for the engine and transmission are also included on Ultratech cars.

carbon fiber dragster blow shield dragster wing

dragster belly pan

The nose piece shown below uses a cradle system to hold the front and 2 pushbuttons at the back.

dragster nose piece

For ease of access, John incorporated air shocks in the mounting of the body which allows a single person to raise and lower as needed for maintenance or adjustments.  A couple clips and the body can be completely removed.

1 piece dragster body

 dragster rear clip

The back half of an Ultratech dragster has many features.  The single shock design has a floating 4 link incorporated with an anti-roll bar.  The housing features CNC laser brackets with the bolt doubler locations being milled into the bracket not welded on.  Also you will see below the housing features an o-ring for the center section eliminating leaking gaskets.

Ultratech Race Fab is an Authorized Strange dealer and utilized Strange Axles, Brakes and Center Section on this build.

dragster rear end housing

rear end housing o ring

John has long been a Goethe Enterprises advocate and chose one of Brett Goethe's CV drive lines on this build.

goethe cv driveline

dragster parachutes

Last but not least, parachute options come in single and dual designs.

ultratech dragster testing 

Mickey Thompson Tires put the SDPC Raceshop power to the ground and carried John to his fastest laps ever when he initially tested at Mid Michigan Motorplex with a 3.89, 183 mph blast and then backed it up a few weeks later at the PDRA race in Virginia where he also receive Best Appearing for the event.

Make sure you stop by the DragRaceResults.com Booth at PRI and check out the "all new" Ultratech Race Fab dragster!

 pdra time slip

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