Great American Guaranteed Million - Complete Results
Montgomery, AL
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The Great American Guaranteed Million did not disappoint for the 2nd year in a row.  What was scheduled to take place earlier this year in Memphis on Memorial Day weekend was re-scheduled for a later date in November in Montgomery Alabama and didn't disappoint this past weekend.

With weather concerns and cold night temperatures threatening later in the weekend, the GABR Staff was prepared to make any adjustments necessary to keep the racing safe and competitive.  With temps dropping into the 40's at times the cars were fast and the track was ultra consistent.

kc pesnell great american guaranteed million dragster race winner

"Young Gun" KC Pesnell kicked off the weekend with the first Winner's Circle photo and Win when he defeated Steve Sisko in the 128 Car American / Mullis Dragster Race on Wednesday Evening.

lane dicken 2021 great american guaranteed million wc

Lane Dicken follow up Pesnell later Wednesday Evening when he defeated Tyler Bohannon in the Burleson Construction 64 Car Shootout.

luke bogacki corvette 2021 great american 80k winner

Luke Bogacki, fresh off a NHRA Super Gas National Championship showed off his versatility and his car's capabilities when he unleashed it "wide open throttle" running 4.84 most of the weekend and took home Thursday's $80,000 Win defeating Carson Wheeler in the race which was finished on Sunday evening.


tyler bohannon great american guaranteed million 2021

Friday saw the "kick off" of the much anticipated Guaranteed Million where 399 racers plunked down a cool $3,000 entry fee to competed for the top prize of the year.  With a "STACKED" field of racers from all over the country.  1 Time Trial was given for each entrant and the field was narrowed to the 2nd round over the course of the day.

Saturday Morning saw nearly 300 racers still in contention for the Monster Prize Money and the remaining 8 rounds of competition.  As the racing continued through the day the field quickly saw a laundry list of top names falling, showing those left watching there would be a "new" Million Dollar winner.

Kevin Pollard Bottom, David Holcomb, Jake Hodge, Heath Thomas, Stephen McCrory, Travis Eaton, Jeff BoBo, Tyler Bohannon, Kevin Glenn and Will Holloman.

At 3 Cars it was down to Stephen Champ McCrory, Jake Hodge and Tyler Bohannon.  Champ received the Drag Race Solutions bye run in the semi finals due to his 3 total in the quarters and Bohannon put away Hodge for the trip to the finals.

In the Final Round with it was over before it started when Champ left red and Bohannon on top for the biggest victory ever for the young 23 year old out of Louisville, Kentucky.

stephen champ mccrory drag racer 2021 million

McCrory who has been wrecking it of late, drove the OK Motorsports ride to the runner up slot.

tyler bohannon drag racer

Tyler Bohannon shown here with Britt Cummings and Gaylon Rolison also promotes his own races along with partner Brian Whitworth (The Derby City 50k & 100k), was quick to thank the promoters for their hard work and efforts.  Saying "I know how hard it is.  They didn't just show up on Monday and say lets have a race".  "It's a Year Long effort".

jeff serra drag racer

Jeff Serra who's seemingly been the "hottest" driver on the circuit the past 2 years didn't disappoint his car owner this weekend either, when he defeated Nasty Nick Hastings in Sunday's $40k race.


Photo Credits: Holloway Saunders

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