Derby City $50k Crowns Champions at Ohio Valley
Louisville, KY
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TB promotions held Derby City $50k was able to complete 3 of the 4 races scheduled before weather blew in on Sunday, cutting racing action short after the 2nd round.  Garrett Griffith started the weekend off with the 1st winner's circle photo, followed by Shanna Stone for a "cool" $50k shot and capped off with Las Vegas, Nevada's Greg Hicks taking home the Mullis Race Cars shootout chassis.

garrett griffith derby city 50k race winner

Kicking off the weekend at Ohio Valley for the first race winner of the weekend was Young Gun Garrett Griffith defeating Rob Kropfeld for $10,000, the big check and one of the "coolest trophies" made!

shanna stone derby city 50k race winner

Shanna Stone was the weekend's $50,000 Main Event winner on Saturday Night when she defeated Dylan Winters in an all American Race Cars chassis / Oakley Motorsports powered final round.

greg hicks derby city 50k mullis race cars shootout winner

Greg Hicks put his Mullis Race Cars chassis in the winners circle in the Mullis shootout to take home the 2021 Mullis Chassis all the way back to Las Vegas! Greg defeated Troy Williams Jr in the final

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