Nitrous Express Assassin Nitrous Plate Systems Now Available for 4150 Series Intake Manifolds
Wichita Falls, TX
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NX Assassin plate systems have just raised the bar in nitrous plate technology. The CNC machined design integrates the nitrous and fuel discharge ports into the outer perimeter of the plate.  This new nitrous & fuel perimeter discharge pattern solves problems commonly found on single plane manifolds, particularly small and big block Fords and the LS series of engines. This new innovation provides superior distribution and outstanding atomization.  With no spray bars to sag, split, block airflow, or damage this is truly the Next Generation in nitrous plate technology.
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nitrous express assassin 4150 nitrous oxide systems
This system includes:
  • Jetting for 50-300HP w/ Stage 6 Systems, or 100-500HP w/ Pro-Power Systems
  • Special Systems can be Custom Flowed up to 750HP if desired
  • Billet Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Lightning solenoids
  • Heavy Duty 40 Amp Relay
  • Billet Aluminum Y-fittings
  • Stainless Braided Solenoid to Plate Lines
  • Systems With Bottles Include Stainless Bottle Brackets and Lightning 500 Valve
  • Fits Standard Holley (4150) Flange Carburetors
Learn more on the 4150 Assassin Plate systems by clicking the links below
Part #            Description
67040            4150 Assassin Plate, Stage 6 (50-300)
NP674           4150 Assassin Plate Only 
nx nitrous oxide assassin 4150 nitrous system

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