DragRaceResults.com 2016 Ultimate Series - Race Results (October)
Huntsville, AL
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Event #3 of the 2016 DRR Ultimate Series in Huntsville, Alabama this past weekend saw clear blue skies, great racing action, and a phenomenal field of over 180 Big Bucks Bracket Racers from across the country competing for over $100,000 just in Big Checks for the 3 day race.

Thursday kicked off the 4 day long event with the Champ's Performance FTI Warm-Up Test-N-Tune where the evening was completed with a "FREE" Run for the FTI Converter to all Test-N-Tune participants.  When it was all said an done, Tennessee racer Mark Swoner and his SBC powered altered took  home the FTI Converter from Champs.

Mark Swoner drag racer 

Mark Swoner won the $1195 FTI Converter from Champ's Performance in his SBC powered 23t Altered

Yukon Gear and Axle

Kenny Dixon Drag Racer

Big Money Bracket Racer Kenny Dixon won Friday's Yukon Gear Run for the Center Section and received a complete Aluminum 3rd member courteous of Yukon Gear and Axle


$25,000 BRODIX Friday - Results

 Randy Scheuer drag racer

Randy Scheuer Jr from Ohio made the trip south to Huntsville pay off on the first day.  Driving the Ken Bear American Race Cars built dragster to the BRODIX $25,000 victory over a read lighting Heath Davis.  Scheuer dialed 4.71 all day showed his strength lighting up the boards 4.708 on the final pass down the track.  Lester Adkins was Scheuer's victim in the Semis where he layed down a .003 dead on 6 lap for a 9 pack.

Heath Davis Drag Racer

Local racer Heath Davis brought his Huntsville Engines backed dragster to the other side of the BRODIX $25K final round with a victory over Carolina's Chad Duke in the Semi Finals.  After minimal racing in 2016 because of a new business and a new bady, Heath was extremely happy for his performance, the "Big Check" and the DRR Ultimate Series Cold Hard Art Trophy.

qfx logoMatt Grayson Drag Racer

Matt Grayson won the Quick Fuel Technology Duck Race Friday night when he defeated Brett Williamson in the "FREE" 16 Car Shootout for the QFX Carburetor. Williamson received $250 and the Semi Finalists each received $150 thanks to Quick Fuel.


oakley motorsports logo

$50,000 OAKLEY MOTORSPORTS Saturday - Results

 nick ross drag racer

Nick Ross out of Gardendale, Alabama secured the biggest victory of his young racing career on Saturday Night when he won the Oakley Motorsports $50,000 main event defeating Luke Bogacki in the final round.  Ross who's gorgeous red Camaro was stuck on a 5.80 all day long.  When Stephen "Champ" McCrory turned it red in the Semi Final round, Ross laid down a .010 two thou under pass to set himself up with the soon to be crowned 2016 DRR Ultimate Series Champion and Luke Bogacki.

Bogacki who also was a recipient of a red light by Aaron Vail in the semi finals uncharacteristically met the bulb in the final round against Ross and bowed out with the Runner Up spot.

 nick ross drag racer

 luke bogacki

 Luke Bogacki visited the Winner's Circle for the 3rd time in 2016 with his Wife Jessica's American Race Cars built dragster for the Runner Up on Saturday Night. Carrying his 2nd place points number for the weekend, Luke made a power move on Saturday which put him in place to secure 2nd overall in the points series for 2016.


 hoosier racing tires

chad sandlin drag racer

Chad Sandlin driving good friend Nathan Martin's new dragster won the Hoosier Racing Tires Duck Race Saturday night when he defeated Randy Folk in the "FREE" 16 Car Shootout for the Hoosier Tires. Folk received $250 and the Semi Finalists each received $150 thanks to Hoosier.

 yukon gear and axle

Randy Scheuer Yukon Gear Drag Racing

Randy Scheuer capped his great weekend off with a new Complete Aluminum Center Section in the "FREE" Yukon Gear and Axle Run for the Center Section with his dead on .0000 lap on Saturday morning.

yukon gear and axle

$25,000 Yukon Gear and Axle Sunday - Results

 david bird jones drag racer

David "Bird" Jones who once again showed he is one of the most versatile drivers in bracket racing by jumping in a car he has never driven before and taking it straight to the big stage.  Yukon Sunday brought another $25,000 and Bird was determined to make it his, driving the wheels off of Dillon Bontrager's new dragster.  A .016 lamp dead on 1 was all it took to put away Big Money Bracket Racer Tommy Plott in the final round.  Jones defeated Kenny Underwood in the quarters and was recipient of the bye in the Semi finals.

 Tommy Plott Drag Racer

Tommy Plott attended all 3 weekends of the 2016 DRR Ultimate Series and made it "pay off" on the last day with his Runner-Up performance on Sunday afternoon, collecting a coveted DRR Cold Hard Art Trophy and a Big Check for his efforts.  Plott defeated Randy Folk with a .015 bulb, dead on 2 in the Semi finals.

kevin brannon pro charger drag racing

KB Kevin Brannon brought the Pro Charger to Huntsville going 4.13 175 mph off the trailer!

ron lane bo boatner drag racers

Ron Lane and Bo Boatner in the lanes prior to round one

pj fouts drag racer

PJ Fouts kept the racers and fans on the Live Coverage up to speed all weekend long with exciting broadcasts

Travis Colangelo

Travis Colangelo from American Race Cars and Shelly enjoying the evening

rachell henderson drag racer

Rachel Henderson and Mike Illig getting ready for a trip down Huntsville Dragway

ed niemiec

Ed Niemiec made the trip down from the North for Alabama in October

tt jones

Track owner TT Jones and Alex, the men responsible for the great racing surface at Huntsville Dragway

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