Zalco Products Offers Superior Design Of Standard Poducts
Clinton Township, MI
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Zalco Products Logo 2011

The stamping experts at Zalco Products would like to thank their great customer base; American Race Cars, Chrome Worx, Diamond Race Cars, Miller Race Cars, Nelson Race Craft Chassis, Phantom Race Cars, and Undercover Motorsports for all their support.
Zalco Products 
John Hickman said “we are truly blessed to have this many premier companies that believe in our products and continue to support us. Further more working with Scott and DRR has been a great experience and I would recommend it for anyone who is looking to market their products or services.”
The team at Zalco Products has been involved in drag racing for more than 30 years and they are the only company to date that has brought stamping technology to sportsman drag racing. Most products are fabricated, meaning they are cut and welded, however Zalco Products uses stamping dies to accurately and consistently produce parts. “By stamping parts we are able to produce a much more complex shape and a much better looking part too.”
Zalco Dial Board Bracket 
Zalco Products is currently working with some of the largest component manufactures in the industry to take an already great product and make it better by incorporating stamped components rather than fabricated parts. They offer a full service contract manufacturing program that includes; design, testing, manufacturing (CNC machining, stamping, laser cutting, plastics, composites, and fabrication). “We do have our own product line but our core business focus is on helping small to large companies with product realization. In a nut shell we take your idea and turn it into reality. Some of the things we are currently developing are a stamped rear end housing(to replace the fab housing), stamped intake runners, valley pans, water crossovers, and main plenum(to replace the fab intakes), new style LED display dial board, and an industry changing throttle stop.”
Zalco Products Scoop Tray
Please visit their website at for products, pricing, and information. Mention you saw this as on DRR and get 10% off your entire purchase.

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