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Don Davis Race Cars

This months car of the month is brought to you by Don Davis Race Cars. The car is quickly off to a good start with its good looks and stunning performance. The car was recently judged Best Appearing at Baton Rouge, LA a Div. 4 event. It is owned by Rudy Laris Sr. and driven by son Ross Laris both from Lockport, LA. The car was built and assembled entirely in the shop of Don Davis Race Cars in just four weeks. Created entirely in house from straight tubes and drums of resin into the attractive race car judged "to nice to race."

Paint was applied by Rainman Grafix of San Antonio, TX and the car chassis was powdercoated at Coats and Colors in Albuqurque, NM. The car features a 530 cu. in. motor with alum. heads and powerglide transmission. The car uses top of the line components by such manufacturers as Strange Engineering, Barry Grant, Autometer, MSD, B&M, Ron Davis Custom Radiators, McCabe Racing Components, Inland Drivelive, Grant, Koni, Hypercoil, Weld, Hoosier, Painless Performance, Goza Racing Products, Malave Racing Components, and Hurst. Original chrome was bolted directly on the body to accent the year and enhance the appearance. This also included functioning headlights and taillights. These pieces were purchased through Mary Jo Rohners Corvette Parts in Poway, California. The car weights approximately 2050 without driver.

This car has many unique features not common with other cars. First off is the one piece flip up, removable body. This feature allows for quick access to the car from the front of the car to the rear. Adjustments are easily made with the body up, from adjusting the struts to replacing a battery it can all be done with the body up. It is very light, composed of fiberglass and reinforcing materials it actually weights less than a top fuel funny car body made of carbon fiber. It is only 150 lbs. To prevent the body from bowing in the center it is reinforced. A body stand is available to support the body in the raised position and is attach to the chassis so its always available. The body is easily removable within a minute and two people can lift it off. A good scenario, you drive down the track at the end the car backfires and set the air cleaner on fire. What do you do? Stop the car, get out, pull one pin, raise the body and support it by the attached stand. Consequently no fire damage. True Story. Happened to this car. This body can be cut anywhere and dzus together if the customer desires. (i.e. front end removable, hood removable, any way you want.) Scoop height is completely adjustable to accommodate whatever engine combination the customer has, and also to suit the owners personal taste.

Additionally with the performance and safety built into the cars you also receive unparalleled support from the staff at Don Davis Race Cars. Normally the shop is staffed on weekends to answer questions and address set-up issues that occur at the track. Just ask anyone with a Don Davis Race Car new or used the help available is worth the price of the car. Once the setup is completed initially the changes ever made to the car are minor, such as shock adjustments and possibly a slight amount of preload. The very unique thing about this car is the adjustability of it. You can adjust this car to launch the wheels high in the air or leave the line with them on the ground. The car can rotate and lift the wheels out of the beams as a S/G car needs to, or allow you to drive through them such as a prostock does. Anything that effects performance is adjustable. The motor can be positioned up, down, front or back, your choice. Seating height is adjustable, steering position is adjustable, shifter and air bottle mounts are adjustable. The transmission is on a sliding arrangement that will allow torque converter changes in only about 15-20 minutes. This car has been set up to win races, once it is determined the type of racing that you will be doing, set the car up for that particular type of racing, success is sure to follow.

The car features a complete sealing surface all the way around the driver area this prevents smoke, debris, and other materials from entering the car. This also enhances safety. This chassis will certify for SFI 10.1c (Top Fuel Funny Car) so it can go as fast as you want. This came into being through the cooperation of NHRA Tech. and Don Davis Race Cars to begin to develop standards for quicker E.T. cars not covered by NHRA rules or SFI specs. for sportsman roadster type cars. The inside of the car is designed with the driver in mind for convenience and safety. It can accommodate a person in excess of 6 feet tall without the need for a special cage. The car is very wide through the shoulder and hip area measuring more than 25 inches. This size increases safety and driver comfort. Additionally you can turn the car on/off from inside the car, reach the shifter, air bottle, dash, and other necessary components all while strapped in the car.

Performance of this car goes without saying is very good. It shares many of the same features that have made the Don Davis 27T roadster so sought after. Several of these corvettes have already made passes over 160 mph at 9.90. These cars will all go red on any track, and at any time. The reason for this is because we can dead hook the tires and subsequently rotate the front end and break the beam each time the same way by rotating up, rather than driving out of the beam. This creates ultra-quick reaction times. This only shows a small amount of features of the car, the best way to appreciate all the features is to own one. So for more information give us a call and let's talk. We build the finest S/G car your money can buy.
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Information: 208-739-2852
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