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Compulink Timing Systems Releases "Defender" Tree Reader Defense System
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drag racing christmas tree compulinkIn the world of drag racing there has always been a battle between racers and sanctioning bodies (including track operators and promoters) when it comes to technology and how it’s used and how it can and does affect the sport as a whole.  Rules & Systems, whether you like them or not, are usually implemented for the betterment and sustainability of the sport.

Timing systems were developed to monitor exact times, miles per hour, reaction times and so forth in order to give equal and honest calculations from start to finish during the races.

Over the years, racers have pushed these rules and systems themselves trying to find any possible edge in winning and using technology as it becomes available to gain this edge and sometimes falling into the grey area or even the illegal zone.

We know years ago equipment was developed and banned that would allow race cars to run almost exactly on their dial ins.  As the legal equipment continued to evolve, tires, torque converters, carburetors, shocks, etc., race cars have become so good that there presents almost no advantage to such illegal equipment.

But… the starting line, that’s another topic.  The human element is still involved.  Or should be.

On and Off again over the course of the past 30 years there has always been rumbling of Christmas Tree readers and the ability to control when the race car leaves the starting line based off of the flash of the amber bulb.

Anyone in drag racing should be familiar with Compulink timing systems and most likely the name Bob Brockmeyer the founder & owner of Compulink since late 1983, the most common system used at drag strips across the country and also exclusively used at NHRA National Event facilities.

Over the past few years Bob Brockmeyer has continually been working on the “Defender” system upgrade for his popular Compulink software that in conjunction with minimal hardware additions will provide a “shield” if you will on the Christmas Tree preventing tree reading abilities.

With help from Mike Ledford, testing at Mid Michigan Motorplex and feedback from a few others in the industry, the Defender System has been designed to give racers comfort that the playing field will be equal at the starting line, no matter who or what is in the other lane.

The Defender System is now available for race tracks that implement Compulink hardware and software at their facilities.  Contact Compulink for more information.


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