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Aaron McCaulla Becomes FIRST Repeat Winner at Todd's Extreme World Super Pro Challenge
Stanton, MI
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The OG $50 race saw 308 entries stage up 1st round Saturday with 7 previous winners trying to become the 1st to repeat at the 28th Annual Todd’s Extreme Paint World Super Pro Challenge.

The 1st winner of the day was Jason Kiefer as he won the No Box 32 over Joel Young to advance to round 6 of the main event.  In the ¼ final we still had to previous winners Matt Cornell & McCaulla still going for the repeat, Matt Cornell advanced over Corey Mikus who was -.002 red, Joe Bauman advanced in his 58 Corvette Roadster over Garry Fleenor in his Camaro. Bauman had the reaction advantage, McCaulla took the bye run to advance to the semi finals.

In the Semi Finals all 3 remaining drivers had already received a bye throughout the day so the ¼ finals reaction times determined the bye for the semi finals, McCaulla had the best light with a .008 so he earned the semi final bye run. In the semi pair Bauman was .009 5.209 on a 5.21 while Cornell was .004 4.939 on a 4.94 dial in  Cornell picks up the win to move to the final with lane choice over McCaulla.

In the final both previous winners missed the tree a bit, Cornell took the stripe but broke out by .004 on his 4.94 dial, McCaulla was dead on 4.748 to pick up the Win & become the 1st ever repeat winner in 28 years!

aaron mccaulla world super pro challenge 2021


Thursday kicked off the week with Digital Delay $10k to win event where Tom Aretakis Jr. Won the No Box 32 over Jake Huntington to advance to round 6 of the main event. In the ¼ Finals Collin Estes picked up the win over Blain Anderson by.001 on a double breakout race, Kurt Harrington picked up the win running dead on over Ryan Sparks who was .01 above his 4.48 dial in, No Box winner Aretakis was .007 6.474 ona 6.47 over McCaulla whos .009 4.758 on a 4.76 & Jordan Parker got the bye.

In the Semis Parker was .009 .001 under to get the win over Estes who was .018 under his dial, Harrington was .005 6.213 on his 6.20 to beat Aretakis who was .016 above his dial.

In the Final round Harrington turned it red handing the win to Parker who was .017 4.512 on a 4.51 to pick up the $10k win.

jordan parker world super pro challenge 2021


Friday was Pro Systems $10k where Kelly Smith picked up the No Box 32 win over Jeff Jaquish on his Snowmobile!  In the ¼ final Kelly Smith kept rolling ove a red lighting  Brad Antonioni, Jeff Ledford advanced over Greg Antonioni who also red lighted, Will Crawford was .008 .02 above to advance over Jeff Burdess & Wes May defeated Tim Timmons in a great race where May was .000  6.709 on a 6.71 & Timmons was .009 6.423 on a 6.44.

In the Semis Ledford was .014 .01 above to defeat Smith who was .019 also .01 above.

In the Final Crawford was .017 4.615 on a 4.60 to pick up the win Ledford was .022 5.306 on a 5.28 for Runner up.

will crawford world super pro challenge 2021


Sunday was the wrap $5k, Travis Mardlin was the final NoBox 32 winner of the weekend picking up the win over a red lighting Jeff Wistinghausen. In the ¼  finals Jason Hemerline advanced on the bye run, Lane Ledford defeated Scott Hoerlein, Lisa Boes advanced over Wes May & Nick Folk picks up the win over Ricky Adkins.

Jason Hemerline had the reaction time advantage over Lane Ledford & turned that into a win, Nick Folk was .007 .005 under to defeat Lisa Boes who was .011 .009 under her dial.

In the final Nick Folk was .015 4.549 on his 4.54 to pick up the win over Hemerline who was .025 5.485 on his 5.48 dial in. 

nick folk world super pro challenge 2021


FTI Racer Appreciation  Gambler was won by Brad Walters over Bob Koski, Don Kosanka & Matt Cornell were semi finalists.

Over 50 Gambler winner was Rob Lutzke over Steve Williams, Jeff Burdess & Greg Rose were the semi finalists.

Door Car Gambler winner was Joe Bauman over AJ Ashe, Cory Mikus & Ricky Adkins were semi finalists.

Dragster Gambler winner was Will Crawford over Stacy Jones, John Boes & Paul Wolf were semi finalists.

Matt Cornell was the Digital Delay delay box winner & Tom Buehler won the Pro Systems 4150 Carb.

Drag Race Solutions Bye Run Bonus winners: Randy Whitaker, Mike Fuqua, Joe Bauman & Jason Hemerline      

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