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VP Midwest Quick 32 Series Results - Race #3 and #4
Lyons, IN
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Lyons Raceway Park

Lyons Raceway Park
August 7th-8th – VP Fuels Races #3 & #4
WOW….what an action packed weekend of racing at Lyons Raceway Park and UNLIMITED E.T. format for the VP Racing Fuels Midwest Quick 32, where the fastest 16 open cars face off against the fastest 16 door slammers! There was a definite shake up in the points chase as five of the top ten in points were not in attendance. The VP Racing Fuels winner circle saw several new faces over the weekend as the track, as always was fast, smooth and consistent.   
The perfect run award for the black “ELITE 500” delay box sponsored by Digital Delay was not claimed and still up for grabs. There is over $3000 dollars in the points series fund thanks to T&L Truck Repair, Lyons Raceway Park, Bowlers Performance Transmissions and VP Racing Fuels and it is proving to be an exciting finish to 2010 series!! The final race is set for September 25th. Please visit for more details.
Lyons Raceway Park would like to say thanks to all of there sponsors who help make this series such a great success and congratulations to all of the winners!!!

Digital Delay  Fastenal Racing  T&L Truck Repair  Rons Fuel Injection  Sulivan's Tire  VP Fuels

VP Fuels Quick 32 Race # 3- Big Bucks - Bracket Racing
Saturday August 7, 2010

VP Fuels Midwest Quick 32

Al Peavler
Winner: Al Peavler - 4.480 ET/155.08 MPH
Matt Roberts
Runner Up: Matt Roberts - 5.715 ET/119.90 MPH
Auto Clinic Body Shop
Auto Clinic Super Pro

 Joe Robertson
Winner: Joe Robertson - 6.596 ET/103.83 MPH

Aaron Vail
Runner Up: Aaron Vail - 6.969 ET/95.64 MPH

Bowler's Performance Transmission
Bowler’s Performance Transmission Pro

Eric Bowling
Winner: Eric Bowling - 7.289 ET/88.31 MPH



Runner Up: Tim Walters - 7.074 ET/94.83 MPH


Powers Orthodonics
Power's Orthodontics Jr. Dragster

Caleb Burton
Winner: Caleb Burton - 7.917 ET/82.39 MPH

Kristen Locke
Runner Up: Kristen "Jij" Locke - 13.129 ET/50.94 MPH
 Special Awards for Saturday August 7th
Steve Schmidt Racing

Tom Stultz
Door Car Low Qualifier Sponsored by Steve Schmidt Competition Racing Engines
 $200 - Tom Stultz 4.709 152.85
Brian Buch
Open Car Low Qualifier Sponsored by Ron’s Racing Products and
$200 - Brian Buch 4.317 158.26
Tuff Paw
Tony Atchison
Tuff Best Losing Package – Tony Atchison
Free Aluminum Trailer Product
Al Peavler
Fastenal Bounty Hunter Award – Al Peavler
$100 Cash
VP Fuels Quick 32 Race #4 - Big Bucks - Bracket Racing
Sunday August 8, 2010

VP Midwest Quick 32
VP Fuels Midwest Quick 32
Mark McDonald

Winner: Mark McDonald - 5.313 ET/129.18 MPH

 Lester Adkins
Runner Up: Lester Adkins - 4.646 ET/149.13 MPH
Auto Clinic Body Shop
Auto Clinic Super Pro 
Eric Bonewell

Winner: Eric Bonewell - 5.027 ET/137.01 MPH

 Mike Luedke

Runner Up: Mike Luedke - 5.167 ET/134.85 MPH


Bowlers Performance Transmissions
Bowler’s Performance Transmission Pro
Roger Baker

Winner: Roger Baker - 6.784 ET/101.15 MPH
Jeff Vaughn
Runner Up: Jeff Vaughn
Powers Orthodonics
Power's Orthodontics Jr. Dragster
Mara White

Winner: Mara White - 10.161 ET/64.03 MPH
TJ Roudebush
 Runner Up: TJ Roudebush - 7.934 ET/83.64 MPH 
Special Awards for Sunday August 8th
Steve Schmidt Racing
Door Car Low Qualifier Sponsored by Steve Schmidt Competition Racing Engines
$200 - Jason Jenkins - 4.842 ET/141.92 MPH
Rons Fuel Injection
Brian Buch
Open Car Low Qualifier Sponsored by Ron’s Racing Products and
$200 - Brian Buch -4.301 ET/161.52 MPH
Tuff Paw
Jeremy McKague Best Losing Package – Jeremy McKague
Free Aluminum Trailer Product
Lester Adkins
Fastenal Bounty Hunter Award – Lester Atkins
$100 Cash

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