Doug Foley Jr Takes Top Honors at St Patrick's $300k
Dunn, NC
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St. Patrick's Day in July, as Loose Rocker kicked off the Summit Racing Equipment St. Patrick's 300! Tuesday was Old School Warm Up day with the winner taking home $10,000! After a day of great racing, we made it down to four cars to settle it all.

In the first semi-final, Bob Murphy, Jr lined up next to Cody McDaniel. Murphy dialed up 4.85 against McDaniel's 4.72. Murphy hit the tree with a reaction time of .010, and McDaniel had a .016 light. Murphy ran dead on with a 1 giving him a .011 package, while McDaniel ran 4.726 for a .022 package. Bob Murphy, Jr heads to the final round.

In the second semi, Blane Parrish brought the last door car standing to the water box next to TG Paschal. Parrish dialed 5.60 and Paschal dialed 4.56. Blane took the tree with a .017 light, and TG was .027 on the tree. Parrish ran dead on with a 7 and Paschal ran 4.570, giving Blane Parrish the smaller package and the ticket into the final round.

bob murphy jr st patricks 300k

In the final, Bob Murphy, Jr. had lane choice and used it to boot Blane Parrish out of his favorite lane. Murphy dialed up 4.85 in his Racetech dragster and Parrish dialed 5.60 in the Camaro. Only .001 seconds separated them at the tree, so it was all about driving the big end. At the finish line, there was a lot of womping going on, and Blane dumped a little bit too much, running 5.622, with Bob running 4.871. Bob Murphy, Jr. takes the win today with a margin of victory of only .0025 seconds.

Wednesday was another great day of racing with the Loose Rocker St. Patrick's 300, presented by Summit Racing Equipment. The drivers were all out running for the $40,000 top prize.

In the semi-finals, Jeff Serra lined up next to Chad Axford. Serra dialed up a 4.48 and Axford dialed 5.74. Axford took the advantage at the hit with a .005 light to Serra's .013. Serra ran him down and drove the stripe just a little bit better, taking the win with a margin of victory of .0035 seconds.

In the second semi, Gary Williams and Gage Burch faced off. Williams dialed 4.76 to Burch's 6.28. Only .001 separated them at the tree, so it was all about the big end. At the finish line, both drivers ran under their dial ins, with Williams being closer to his, giving him the double break out win and a trip to the final round.

gary williams loose rocker st patricks 2021

In the final round, Gary Williams dialed up 4.78 against Jeff Serra and his 4.51. This one was over at the tree, with Williams going perfect .000 and Serra turning on the red light by .003. Gary Williams takes home the first $40,000 payout of the week, with Jeff Serra coming in the runner-up spot for $7500.

Thursday saw another $40,000 payday has been presented in Loose Rocker's Summit Racing Series St. Patrick's 300!

lester adkins st patricks 300k loose rocker race

After a day of racing with 301 entries, it came down to Lester Adkins and Jeff Serra in the final round. Adkins dialed 4.63 and Serra dialed 4.57. Serra was better on the tree by .007, but at the other end, Adkins drove the stripe better, running dead on with a 9 against Serra's 4.558. Your $40,000 winner tonight is Lester Adkins. Nick Hastings and Chris Dixon made it to the semi-finals.

In bonus action, there was a free racer appreciation $5K race on Thursday Night.

chris gulitti racer

Chris Gulitti came to the water box next to Shawn Carpenter for the final round. Gulitti dialed 4.43 and Carpenter predicted 6.00. This one was decided at the tree when Shawn Carpenter turned the light "pink" by leaving a mere .001 early. Chris Gulitti takes home the $5,000 check. Jeremy Hanc0ck made it to the semi-final round.


doug foley jr drag racer

The largest payday of the week was up for grabs today in Loose Rocker's/ Brewers Body Shop 300, presented by Summit Racing Equipment. A large field made the call, each driver trying to get their hands on the big trophy and the $300,000 payday.

The first semi brought Doug Foley to the line with TG Paschal. Foley dialed 4.41 against Paschal's 5.69. Only .006 separated them at the tree. At the finish line, Foley recorded a time of 4.430 and Paschal broke out by running under his dial in by .004. Doug Foley heads to the final round.

In the second semi, Kyle Cultrera faced off with Randy Sessoms. Cultrera put 4.54 on his dial in board, and Sessoms predicted 6.09. Again, there was only .006 difference in reaction times. Cultrera ran 4.550 and Sessoms ran 6.079, breaking out by .011 and sending Kyle Cultrera to the final round.

doug foley jr loose rocker 300k race winner

In the final, Doug Foley dialed 4.43 and Kyle Cultrera dialed 4.56. Cultrera found himself behind by .013 at the tree. Foley ran dead on with a 2, giving himself a total package of .006, and Kyle Cultrera broke out by .008 trying to make up for lost time.

Saturday started off with a nondenominational worship service led by GodSpeed Ministry chaplain Matt Zapp. Then it was time to go racing! When we got down to the final four racers, we had a father and son, a driver in a rent a ride (car borrowed from another driver), and a door car.

The first semi featured the elder of the Gulitti duo, Chris, and the last door car standing, driven by Brandon Jarrell. Chris dialed 4.46 against Brandon's 6.46. Only 2 thou separated them at the tree. Chris ran 4.464 on his dial, and Brandon broke out trying to get inside of that package, running 6.458. Chris Gulitti heads to the final round.

In the second semi, Holden Dial (with perhaps the greatest name in bracket racing) facing off with Cory Gulitti. Holden dialed up 4.38 and Cory dialed 4.56. This one was over at the starting line with Cory Gulitti getting bit by the red bug by .004. Holden Dial heads to the final round.

holden dial drag racer

In the final, Holden Dial had lane choice and dialed up 4.38 in the left lane, and Chris Gulitti put up a 4.46 dial in the right. Dial took the tree with a .008 reaction time and Chris left the line in .015. Holden ran 4.395 for a total package of .023, and Chris ran 4.479 for a total package of .034, giving Holden Dial the win in the $40,000 final race of the week, driving Michael Spencer's car.

The staff and management of GALOT Motorsports Park, as well as the folks at Loose Rocker Promotions would like to thank everybody that came out this week to make this event happen. Everyone from the drivers, fans, vendors, and employees, we thank you all!!
Congratulations to all of this week's winners!!

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