Chubby $20k's Crowns 6 Winners at Texas Motorplex
Ennis, TX
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Jake Howard Runs himself in the finals of No Box on Friday, while Talbot and Wallace win other 2 nights. Brad Roberts, Kaylee Umholtz and Kyle Gibson all collect $20k Box Big Checks!

jake howard drag racer

Jake Howard did what I'd think every racer dreams of at some point... He ran himself in the No-Box Finals on Friday Night of the Chubby 20K's race at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, TX.  Congrats on an amazing job!

brad roberts drag racer

Brad Roberts defeated Colton Wheeler for the $20k Big Check on the Box Side of things Friday.

billy talbot drag racer

Billy Talbot defeated Max McGlothin on Saturday Night in the No-Box Class taking home the $5k Big Check.

kyle gibson drag racer

Kyle Gibson in his "zippy" Pro Charger powered dragster defeated Chris Burrell on Saurday for $20k!

jr wallace drag racer

JR Wallace defeated JJ Cook in the final round of No-Box on Sunday for the $5k Big Check.

Kaylee Umholtz drag racer

Kaylee Umholtz finished off her weekend with a $20,000 Big Check by defeating Ty Casey in the final round of the Box Class in her American Race Cars built shorty.  

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