Chrome-Worx Ultra Cars Camaro Build
Leroy, MI
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When Scott Taylor an Excavation Contractor from Michigan decided he wanted another race car, the logical choice was another Dragster similar to his current one.  In the back of his mind he really wanted a Super Gas car, but with all of the focus in drag racing shifting to "Big Money" Bracket Racing, Scott was torn between another dragster and a door car.  Could there possibly be a solution that could satisfy both?  Scott asked that very question to Chrome-Worx's owner John Parkes early last year and that's when the Chrome-Worx Camaro was conceived.

chrome worx miller camaro roadster

The 1968 Camaro roadster began life at Miller Race Cars in Spring City, TN where the Miller family fabricated the chassis, mounted the tin and body and shipped it to Leroy, Michigan for Chrome-Worx Ultra Cars to do their "magic" and to possibly produce the nicest Super Gas / Bracket Car ever built.

super gas camaro roadster

Todd's Extreme Paint applied the "outlandishly" shredded Black & White paint scheme to the Chrome-Worx Camaro along with many of the bolt-on accessories.

camaro racing engine

The Chrome-Worx Camaro is powered by an Irwin Engines (Kalamazoo, MI) all aluminum 615 CID Brodix SR20 topped bullet featuring an APD Billet Carburetor.  A key feature of this roadster is a "dual location" engine mount which allows the car to be set up for Super Class competition with a throttle stop or a full power scenario when bracket racing.  Initial first weekend testing produced a 4.78 ET at 146 mph in the 1/8th.

roadster fuel tank

camaro fiberglass front end

Along with air brushed logos, moldings and bumpers, the Chrome-Worx Camaro features working headlights, tail lights brake lights and marker lights.

camaro logo

msd grid ignition panel

A K&R Performance wiring kit along with a Pro-Cube Z Delay Box and dual view dial in board where used routing all important functions to a Racepak iq3 Dash while being monitored with a v-300 logger.

miller race cars 68 camaro

race car dash

All Chrome-Worx race cars feature custom interior upholstery to match.  The Camaro was fitted with a "pour in" ISP Seat and 3 piece surrounded head padding, keeping Taylor safe every pass down the track.

camaro race car pro jacks

The RC Components Hammer front wheels really radicalizes the theme of the car with the contrast cut being showcased in white by a little extra help from Todd's Extreme.

camaro race car pro jacks

If it's not painted, the Chrome-Worx Camaro utilizes a balance of Chrome and Carbon to illuminate the bolt-on accessories, including the wheelie bars and 4-link bars.  Notice the on-board air compressor chuck under the rear bumper?!

race car wheel tubs

lamb rear brakes

An FTI Carbon Dipped Transmission mounts on a sliding system which allows for converter changes without removing the transmission and sends the power to a Mark Williams Enterprises "Ultra Trick" Pro Mod lightened center section and lightweight 300m axles, including titanium drive studs, while Lamb Components provides the stopping power.  Penske shocks on the rear while Strange struts hold up the front.

Out of sight are the ceramic bearings which keep the Camaro rolling smoothly in the center section, axles and front wheels.

When it comes to detail and the small things the Chrome-Worx Camaro has it, including titanium bolts being used throughout the car on anything 3/8" in diameter or larger including the 4-link bolts.

And last but not least as nothing would happen without the cranking power which comes from dual Braille lithium 16 volt batteries which nest nicely between the real carbon fiber wheel tubs.

race car batteries

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