Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Results - SRCA Dragstrip
Great Bend, KS
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In the first half of the double header at SRCA Dragstrip and the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Cornbelt Classis David Rampy continued his winning ways with his 61st NHRA divisional event win and Mike Town and Mark Grame grabbed their second straight wins at SRCA.
Alabama racer Rampy and Nebraska runner Matt Harris left the line together with .018 second reaction times in Comp Eliminator but Rampy had the power to pull away with a 7.631 second, 152.50 mph pass for the win in his ’32 roadster with Harris clocking in at 8.770, 125.90. The win was also Rampy’s third divisional of the year to go with this 99 NHRA national event wins.
Jason DeForrest, Andover, Minn., was out on Town, Paola, Kan., in the Super Stock final before Town laid down a 10.805 on the 10.80 dial to take the win and the NHRA Wally trophy by about two feet over the quicker DeForrest at 9.457, 131.93.
Grame, Overland Park, Kan., took the early lead in Super Comp over Michael Miller and held on as Miller could not make up the difference. Grame went 9.077, 182.90 in his ’11 dragster to Miller’s 9.064, 166.52 in his ’10 dragster.
In the Fineline Madcap Top Dragster final round Kendra Larson out of Minnesota was better at both ends of the track to take down Dusty Meyer of Tonganoxie, Kan. Larson tripped the clocks in 7.284 at 179.42 mph for her second series win. 
First time winner Monte Weaver celebrated in the winner’s circle as he left the line first against Todd Stallbaumer in the Advanced Product Design Top Sportsman.  Weaver, Lubbock, Texas, held on for the win with his ’63 Corvette running 6.590, 185.77 to Stallbaumer’s 7.611, 180.67 out of Seneca, Kan.   
In Stock Eliminator, Paul Merolla bagged his first win with a nice pass over the red-lighting Norman Warling; Tim Nicholson was out first in Super Gas but ran too quick to give Butch Kleewein, North Platte, Neb., and his ’13 Camaro the win; Rodger Sauder was .007 seconds on the tree then went 11.057 on the 11.05 index for the win in Super Street; and John Fitzpatrick went four rounds for Sportsman Motorcycle trophy over Robert Williams in an all Kansas final.
In the Aeromotive Super Shootouts it was Austin Sharpe leading the way in defeating Larry Bernshausen in Super Comp, Trevor Larson winning over Chris Bishop in Super Gas and Dave Ash upending Dan Smith in Super Street.
Eliminations for the second half of the double header and the Thunder on the Plains are today (Sunday) at SRCA Dragstrip.
The following are Saturday's final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, West Central Division Lucas Oil Cornbelt Classic:
David Rampy, Piedmont, Ala., '32 Bantam, A/EA, 7.631, 152.50 def. Matt Harris, Bellevue, Neb., '10 Colbalt, D/A, 8.770, 125.90.
Mike Town, Paola, Kan., '84 Regal, GT/OA, 10.805, 119.73 def. Jason DeForrest, Andover, Minn., '05 Cavalier, GT/FA, 9.457, 131.93.
Paul Merolla, Papillion, Neb., '66 Chev II, E/S, 10.937, 119.71 def. Norman Warling, Golden, Colo., '62 Catalina, M/SA, foul.
Mark Grame, Overland Park, Kan., '11 Dragster, 9.077, 182.90 def. Michael Miller, Moniarty, N.M.,
'10 TNT, 9.064, 166.52.
Butch Kleewein, North Platte, Neb., '13 Camaro, 10.116, 155.35 def. Tim Nicholson, Concordia, Kan., '67 Camaro, 10.044, 99.33.
Rodger Sauder, Sidney, Neb., '72 Barracuda, 11.057, 148.41 def. Brad Frederick, Bassett, Neb., '62 Falcon, 11.011, 149.76.
Monte Weaver, Lubbock, Texas, '63 Corvette, 6.590, 185.77 def. Todd Stallbaumer, Seneca, Kan., '90 Camaro, 7.611, 180.67.
Kendra Larson, Starbuck, Minn., '18 Erickson, 7.284, 179.42 def. Dusty Meyer, Tonganoxie, Kan.,
'14 Custom, 7.203, 181.32.
John Fitzpatrick, Wichita, Kan., '05 Hayabusa, 8.519, 146.27 def. Robert Williams, Ellinswood, Kan., '09 Hayabusa, 8.881, 146.50.
Austin Sharpe, Omaha, Neb., '07 Undercover, 9.097, 170.82 def. Larry Bernshausen, Manito, Ill.,
'11 Gebhardt, 9.129, 166.58.
Trevor Larson, Starbuck, Minn., '08 Daren Erickson, 10.088, 161.02 def. Chris Bishop, Grand Rapids, Minn., '05 Don Davis, 10.025, 150.73.
Dave Ash, Victoria, Kan., '92 Camaro, 11.042, 142.40 def. Dan Smith, Buffalo, Minn., '67 Camaro, 11.033, 147.34.
Megan Meyer and Kris Hool raced to victory in the second half of this weekend’s NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Thunder on the Plains double header at SRCA Dragstrip.
Meyer defeated her sister Rachel in a close round one battle then took out Christine Chambless to advance to the final in Top Alcohol Dragster against Dean Dubbin. Dubbin, Royalton, Minn., was out first but quickly had problems and Meyer, Olathe, Kan., sped by for the win and her second of the year stopping the clocks at 7.199, 263.82.
Hool, out of Evansville, Wyo., qualified No. 1 in Top Alcohol Funny Car and would face off with No. 2 qualifier Lance Van Hauen in the money round. Hool was out first and led from start to finish with a 5.817 second, 255.39 mph pass to Van Hauen who slowed to an 8.143, 116.99.
In Comp Eliminator it was Saturday’s runner-up Matt Harris who took it one step further for the win in defeating Chard Voges. Harris went 7.810, 172.76 to Voges’ 7.979 at 151.99 mph. 
Michael Miller turned the tables on Mark Grame to take the Super Comp title and the 11th of his career running 9.526 at 140.68. Grame, Overland Park, Kan., beat Miller in Saturday’s action.
Steve Hayes and Mark Von Heeder took home trophies in Super Gas and Super Street respectively. Hayes beat out Don Nichols in a dead heat as both racers put together .038 second packages. Von Heeder was out first on Saturday’s winner Rodger Sauder which forced Sauder to run too quick and break out. The win was Von Heeder’s first out of Ainsworth, Neb.
In the ADP Top Sportsman class, it was Kirk Piepke driving his ’07 GTO to the win and Randy Dahlberg took out Les Feist in the Fineline Madcap Top Dragster class. Piepke covered the quarter mile in 7.237 at 167.88 over Allen Firestone and Dahlberg went 7.231, 145.58 against Feist who fouled at the start.
Rounding out the weekend’s winners were Wyatt Wagner, Baschor, Kan., in Super Stock winning over Jared Swinehart, Tom Mosbek downed Logan Wernet in Stock, Dave Olsen put Michael Shelton on the trailer in Sportsman Motorcycle and Bruce Sampson defeated John Fitzpatrick in the Voss Shootout.
This was the last event in the 2018 NHRA West Central Division but racers can compete outside their division and continue to earn points toward the 2018 championship.
The following are Sunday's final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, West Central Division Thunder on the Plains:
Round 1
5) Megan Meyer, Olathe, Kan., 5.445, 271.68 def. 4) Rachel Meyer, Spring Hill, Kan., 5.455, 265.90
8) Christine Chambless, Scott City, Kan., 5.388, 263.36 def. 1) Joey Severance, Woodburn, Ore., 5.395, 266.00
2) Dean Dubbin, Royalton, Minn., 5.488, 259.36 def. 7) Gary Cooper, Wichita, Kan., foul
3) Shayne Lawson, Broken Arrow, Okla., 5.401, 263.67 def. 6) James Stevens, Gothenburg, Neb., 5.452, 263.10
Dubbin, 9.301, 89.09 def. Lawson, broke
M. Meyer, 5.270, 278.40 def. Chambless, 8.442, 107.03
M. Meyer, 7.199, 263.82 def. Dubbin, 7.362, 124.94
Round 1
1) Kris Hool, Evansville, Wyo., '16 Camaro, 5.718, 253.28 was unopposed
2) Lance Van Hauen, Reinbeck, Iowa, '18 Camaro, 6.441, 231.64 def. 5) Kirk Williams, Glenwood, Iowa, '02 Firebird, 6.703, 244.47
4) Chris Foster, Davenport, Iowa, '16 Monte Carlo, 5.996, 249.67 def. 3) Tony Bogolo, Hamilton, Ohio, '02 Camaro, 6.001, 241.63 
Hool, 6.613, 195.62 def. Foster, foul
Van Hauen, broke was unopposed
Hool, 5.817, 255.39 def. Van Hauen, 8.143, 116.99
Matt Harris, Bellevue, Neb., '10 Colbalt, D/A, 7.810, 172.76 def. Chad Voges, St. Peters, Mo., '14
Neil & Parks, K/AA, 7.979, 151.99.
Wyatt Wagner, Baschor, Kan., '68 Camaro, SS/GA, 9.987, 129.31 def. Jared Swinehart, Piedmont,
Okla., '98 S-10, GT/TA, 9.818, 133.32.
Tim Mosbek, Andover, Minn., '72 Dodge, F/SA, 11.240, 111.56 def. Logan Wernet, Mason City, Iowa,
'62 Plymouth, E/SA, 11.277, 110.25.
Michael Miller, Moniarty, N.M., '10 TNT, 9.526, 140.68 def. Mark Grame, Overland Park, Kan., '11
Dragster, 21.478, 74.28.
Steve Hayes, Aurora, Colo., '68 Camaro, 10.067, 164.25 def. Don Nichols, Lincoln, Neb., '57
Chevrolet, 10.055, 161.81.
Mark Von Heeder, Ainsworth, Neb., '68 Camaro, 11.066, 149.96 def. Rodger Sauder, Sidney, Neb., '72
Barracuda, 11.022, 150.16.
Kirk Piepke, Pauls Valley, Okla., '07 GTO, 7.237, 167.88 def. Allen Firestone, Velma, Okla., '16
Camaro, 11.986, 63.24.
Randy Dahlberg, Hudson, Colo., '12 Undercover, 7.231, 145.58 def. Les Feist, Clearwater, Minn.,
'13 Miller, foul.
Dave Olsen, Littleton, Colo., '01 Kawasaki, 8.854, 145.31 def. Michael Shelton, Great Bend, Kan.,
'09 Hayabusa, 9.512, 138.68.
Bruce Sampson, Forest Lake, Minn., '99 , 8.303, 156.28 def. John Fitzpatrick, Wichita, Kan., '05 ,
8.400, 152.83.

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