Stroud Safety Offers Variety of Safety Diapers for Engines, Transmissions and Drive-Trains
Oklahoma City, OK
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Stroud Safety Engine Diapers are available in SFI 7.1 Kevlar style or SFI 7.2 ballistic nylon sportsman style. With more tracks and sanctioning bodies requiring diapers, a Stroud Engine Diaper is your solution with replaceable absorbent pads, ballistic strength nylon straps and superior attachment hardware components. The ballistic protection provided will also contain projectile debris that could cause injury to drivers, crew, and spectators. Stroud has diapers available for all engine and oil pan combinations. Custom designs can be configured for unique applications. Transmission and drive-train ballistic blankets, along with supercharger and blower restraints are also available.

stroud safety engine diapers  

Stroud Safety has been supplying competitive drivers with Drag Chutes and Launchers, Seat Belts, Window Nets, Ballistic Blankets and Engine Diapers, Safety Apparel, Fire Suppression Kits, and more for over 30 years! Stroud re-certifies all their SFI rated products. See our helpful instructional videos on our YouTube Channel.

Call 800-554-4648 for more information and free catalog, visit the website at and follow us on Facebook.

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