2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout Trophy Debuted - Underwood Wins Million and Qualifies
Gallatin, TN
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DragRaceResults.com "The first of it's kind in Drag Racing Message Boards" is taking it to the next level again in 2013 for our members, the Sportsman Drag Racer.  Beginning February 1st, DRR will begin paying $50 to the winners of $1,500 to win and up drag races.  That includes Bracket Races, NHRA Divisional & National Events, IHRA Divisional & Nationals Events or any other whatever sanctioned drag race at a bona fide racing facility.

All that is required to be eligible is that you display the shown above 2013 Ultimate Shootout Contingency Decals on the hoodscoop or prominent location on your race car.  Send us via email or text the winners circle photo clearly displaying the decal on the hood scoop or prominent location along with the drivers name, contact info and mailing address, and we'll send the check!

It gets even better!

DragRaceResults.com will be presenting the 2013 Ultimate Shootout this coming November at the SGMP Super Buck Blast in Adel, GA.  Win any featured race at our soon to be released list of Qualifier Races throughout the season and you will automatically be entered into this "No Entry Fee" Ultimate Shootout with a chance to win "Big Prizes".

Just so we don't leave anyone out that can't attend one of the Qualifier Races, we will be drawing 1 "Lucky Racer" each month starting in February from those who have registered by purchasing decals.  Enter before February 1st and that is 10 chances to qualify!

Wait - It gets better yet!

Qualify for the Ultimate Shootout and you will get to race for a Base Dragster Chassis of choice from our soon to be released list of manufacturers and "Big Prizes" like Cylinder Heads, Torque Converters, Carburetors, Gift Certificates and more!

Your next step!

Order your decals here at DragRaceStore.com , find a great place on your hood scoop and be ready to win in 2013!

 Email photos to news@dragraceresults.com or text to 615-587-2027

Check Here for Regular Updates - Decals measure approximately 4.5" x 8.5"

DragRaceResults.com 2013 Ultimate Shootout Qualifiers     DragRaceResults.com Ultimate Shootout


If you have a chance please take time to thank the following who have helped make this happen.

Mark Horton and Travis Colangelo from American Race Cars, Dan Davies from Diamond Race Cars, The Miller Family and Miller Race Cars, The Meltons and M&M Race Cars, Brian Forrester and Mullis Race Cars, Gary Williams and The Roberts Family of Phantom Race Cars, Danny Nelson and Racecraft Chassis, Russ Farmer and Race Tech, Scott Weney and S&W Race Cars , The guys at TNT Supercars, and Kurt Damron and Undercover Motorsports.


Todds Extreme Paint

Check out the work at www.ToddsExtremePaint.com


 Chad Traylor

Chad Traylor from Virginia was the winner of the 1st Drawing and will be competing in the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout.



Jason Rich from Cookeville, TN won the 2nd Drawing and will be competing in the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout.


George Miller Drag Racer


George Miller from Plains, PA was the 3rd Drawing Winner and plans on making the trip to SGMP for the race.


Jason Lynch Drag Racer

Jason Lynch from Pleasantview, TN was the first racer to "Race" his way into the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout.  Jason did so by making sure nobody else had a chance when he raced himself in the Friday race during the MMP Super 7 Series Shootout in Montgomery, Alabama.

Timmy Smith Drag Racer

Timmy Smith became the 4th racer entered into the race when he won at the Super 7 Series in Montgomery.

Jeff Strickland Drag Racer

Jeff Strickland won on Friday at the American Race Cars $25k Shootout which qualified him for an entry.

Jamie Bridges Drag Racer

Jamie Bridges won Saturday at the American Race Cars $25k Shootout which will enter the Canadian Racer.

Mike Ledford Drag Racer

Michigan's Mike Ledford made the trip "south" for the American Race Cars $25k and qualified with a win on Sunday.

Bo Boles

Bo Boles from Kentucky qualified by taking a $10,000 win at the Tenn-Tuck in March at Beech Bend Raceway.

Dragster Wheels

Disco Dean Karnes took his 4.45 dialed dragster to a $10,000 win at the Tenn-Tuck and into the Ultimate Shootout.

Brandon Jarrell S10 Race Truck

Brandon Jarrell pocketed $5,000 and a trip to the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout by winning in March at Tenn-Tucks.

Jeremy Jensen Spring Fling Bracket Race Vegas

Jeremy Jensen made the trip out West to the K&N Spring Fling Vegas.  Driving Luke Bogacki's ThisIsBracketRacing.com Super Gas Corvette Roadster, Jeremy waded through 9 rounds to pocket $10k and an entry to the Shootout.

Brad Hawk Spring Fling Vegas Drag Racer

Brad Hawk from Tucson, AZ is certainly making a name for himself accross the country as one of the most tallented young racers, and by adding a $10,000 Victory Saturday Night at the K&N Spring Fling Vegas along with a Shootout Entry, his list of accomplishments keeps growing.  We look forward to seeing the Hawk Family this November in Georgia - by the way, Brad Defeated his Dad in the finals.

Troy Williams Jr Drag Racer OK Motorsports

Troy Williams Jr was an automatic qualifier by winning at the SGMP Spring Buck Blast in Georgia.

John Labbous Jr Drag Racer

Labbous Jr won at SGMP this April and placed his name on the list of qualifiers.

Chelsea Spence Spring Fling 20s Drag Racer

Chelsea Spence became the first "Female" to qualify for the Ultimate along with being the 1st female Spring Fling winner.

Tommy Plott Spring Fling 20s drag racer

Tommy Plott backed up his Thursday runner-up at the fling with a combined Friday/Saturday $40k victory and a spot in the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout this November in Adel, GA.

Gon Gatlin Drag Racer

"California" Don Gatlin from Bakersfield, CA - shown here with Spring Fling Representative "Racer X" was the winners of today's drawing #4 for the automatic entry into the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout.

Chris Stine Drag Racer

Chris Stine out of Silver Lake, Indiana became the 5th automatic qualifier when we drew his name Friday Night, qualifying him to compete in the DRR Ultimate Shootout this coming November at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Jason Folk Drag Racer

Jason "Smoke" Folk took at win during the Ultimate 64 up in Clay City this past June, qualifying him the Shootout!

Dennis Meade

Dennis Meade was Thursday's winner at the 9th Annual JEGS U.S. Open in Indy and was supporting his DRR Ultimate Shootout decals in the back window of his deadly Camaro.  Sounds like him and Kellie will be heading to SGMP this November!

JR Baxter Drag Racer

DRR Regular JR "Seabass" Baxter was the Lucky Winner of Drawing #6 July 1st and has the opportunity to compete in

the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout if he chooses to make the trip from Waxahachie, Texas.

Stephen McCrory Drag Racer

"Full Time" Bracket Racer, Stephen "Champ" McCrory hit big on Thursday Night at the Huntsville Engine World Super Pro Challenge in Mid Michigan winning $10,000 driving Mike Bloomfield's dragster which also qualified him for the Shootout.

Hal Blevins Drag Racer

Hal Blevins from Kentucky made the trip North to Mid Michigan and defeated Huntsville Engine's Todd Ewing in the final round which not only garnished him $10,000 and a "Big Check", but an entry into the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout!

Gary May Drag Racer

Gary May proved why he is one of the best when he pulled down the $50,000 Win on Saturday Night during the Huntsville Engine World Super Pro Challenge in Stanton, Michigan.  Gary defeated up and comer Hailey Gregory in the final round which earned him at trip to SGMP in Adel, Georgia this fall and an entry in the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout.

Jeremy Bargo Drag Racer

Jeremy Bargo was the 7th lucky racer to be drawn for the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout as his name was pulled from the hat August 1st.  Jeremy shown here sporting his decals on the scoop and burning hides at the K&N Spring Fling.

Danny Northrop Atco Dragway Race Winner

Dan Northrop kicked off the North East Super Bucks Weekend at Atco Dragway with a big Jimmy "Cheeseburger" Jones Memorial Race win and pulled down a $10,000 Big Check along with an automatic qualifier into the race the Shootout.

Don Butkiewicz Drag Racer

Don Bukiewicz made it as the 2nd Qualifier in as many nights at the ATCO Northeast Superbucks when he won $25,000 on the 2nd night and qualified for this years DRR Ultimate Shootout in Adel, GA.

Brandon Taylor Mullis Dragster

Brandon Taylor from Woodland, Alabama has a beautiful new Mullis Dragster for 2013 with a Huntsville Engine and Performance SR20 between the framerails.  He also has an entry into this years DRR Ultimate Shootout as he was the lucky racer who's name was drawn for the Month of September.  Congrats Brandon, see you in South Georgia!

Jarred Pennington

Jarred Pennington took "Big Red" to the winners circle at the Moser Engineering Great American Bracket Race in Memphis, Tennessee.  Big Red doesn't have any stickers except for the "2" DRR Ultimate Qualifier Decals in the back window.  We are proud that Jed supports us like he does and as equally proud to have him in the 2013 Shootout.

AJ Ashe Drag Racer

AJ Ashe pulled down $50k for his win on Saturday Night of the Moser Engineering Great American Bracket Race.  He also locked up a spot in the shootout.  AJ will certainly be in attendance and top pick no matter what vehicle he choose to use in this years qualifier.

Bo Boatner Drag Racer

Bo Boatner rounded out the winners at Memphis during the Moser Engineering Great American Bracket Race with a Sunday victory, a $7,500 Big Check and an entry into the 2013 DRR Ultimate Shootout at SGMP.

Steve Branham Kingston Tennessee Drag Racer

Steve Branham from Kingston, Tennessee was the final drawing winner of the 2013 season qualifying him for this years shootout.  Steve said "We were going to wrap it up at this years CARS Protection Plus Million next week in Montgomery, but I guess we will just have to race a little longer this year and go to the SGMP Super Buck Blast."

DragRaceResults.com Logo - Old School Jacket

Tracy Sons brought back memories of his dominant performances from his younger years, making sure to point out his "Old School" ties to DragRaceResults.com with his cool jacket logo.  Tracy became the 34th qualifier by winning the a $10k at the fall Tenn-Tuck at Beech Bend Raceway Park in October.

Todd Ewing Drag Racer

Todd "Bones" Ewing marched through a solid Tenn-Tuck field of racers with his Huntsville Engine and Performance dragster.  Bones had a couple close finishes over the season, but this win placed him in the Ultimate Shootout in South Georgia.

Kenny Underwood Drag Racer Million Dollar Race

Kenny Underwood has a thing about green.  We made this special Ultimate Shootout logo a few months ago for Skinny without the green bulb and it payed off in a big way at this years CARS Protection Plus Million Dollar Bracket Race.  Not only did it garnish Kenny with a huge victory at the Million, but qualified him for the shootout in Adel 2 weeks later.

Brendan George Drag Racer

Brendan George stuck around on Sunday of this years Million and pulled down a $20,000 victory over Gary Williams which also qualified him for a chance to win a dragster of choice in the Ultimate Shootout!

DragRaceResults.com Race Trophy

My Daughter Megan and I were proud to debut the 2013 Ultimate Shootout trophy and this years CARS Protection Plus Million.  The Champion will not only recieve a dragster chassis of choice along with paint by Todd's Extreme Paint, but this awesome 5 foot tall trophy built by Troy Thomas, my good buddy from Idaho.


Racers - remember the Thursday and Friday races at the SGMP Super Buck Blast.  Make sure you have your decals in place.


DragRaceResults.com Ultimate Shootout 2013 Fyler


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