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Las Vegas, NV
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Anderson increases POWERade Series lead with third Pro Stock victory of
the season

LAS VEGAS -- Less than a month after losing Eric Medlen in a tragic
testing accident, John Force Racing celebrated a Funny Car victory
Sunday as Robert Hight raced to the victory over POWERade Series points
leader Ron Capps at the SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals.

Hight was joined in an emotional winner's circle at The Strip at Las
Vegas Motor Speedway by Medlen's good friend Brandon Bernstein, who
earned his 13th Top Fuel title, and Greg Anderson, who claimed a
track-record fifth Las Vegas trophy in Pro Stock.

"It's amazing how many lives Eric has touched and it's not as fun coming
to the races without your best friend and teammate with you," Hight
said. "But we needed to come back out here and be with our family, our
drag racing family, and realize how many people Eric made happy in his

"I never have had much luck at Vegas but I felt like I had some extra
help today. Maybe Eric was watching over me. I know having his dad [John
Medlen] helping us with the car was special for all of us."

Both Hight and Bernstein, who beat Bob Vandergriff in the Top Fuel
final, immediately dedicated their wins to the Medlens. Hight presented
his trophy to Eric's father John, while Brandon sought out Eric's mother
Mimi and gave her his Wally. Anderson, meanwhile, was able to give Las
Vegas-based team owners Ken and Judy Black their fifth hometown win,
making the team the most prolific in the track's brief history. This
time he beat Jeg Coughlin to get the hardware.

Hight found a way to keep his emotions in check until the race was over,
surviving a quirky Funny Car finale against red-hot Capps to win with a
5.126 at 282.90 mph to Capps' 5.592 at 178.57 mph. Both cars went quiet
well before the finish line. Capps' Brut Revolution Dodge Charger was
out of power first, denying him a chance at three wins in a row. Hight's
Auto Club Ford Mustang expired soon thereafter but he had enough
momentum to take the stripe first and earn his sixth career win.

"I'm always kind of intense and serious but after seeing Eric and
knowing him I want to start smiling more and start letting everyone know
how much I enjoy this," Hight said. "I love what I do and it's very
special to drive these cars for a living."

The final represented a 40-point swing at the top of the Funny Car
standings as Hight moved to within 88 points of leader Capps. Hight is
now 6-7 in final rounds, while Capps slipped back to .500 at 24-24

After giving up a sizable starting line advantage, Bernstein quickly
tracked down Bob Vandergriff and was side-by-side with him at the
330-foot marker. He simply drove away from there as Vandergriff's UPS
dragster struggled to maintain traction. Bernstein zoomed past the
scoreboards in 4.521 seconds at 330.07 mph in his Budweiser/Lucas Oil
dragster to give his team its first win of the season.

"Every time I was in a final Eric was always there at the top end for
me," Bernstein said. "He was there today in spirit and it was awesome to
have J.R. [Todd] down there. I can honestly say I loved that guy and I
miss him so much. It's definitely great to win this so soon and be able
to dedicate it to Eric. I can't wait to see Mimi and give her the

"This was a great turn of events for us. After not qualifying in
Gainesville we got behind and knew coming in here we were eighth in the
points, which is right on that bump of being in the Countdown to the
Championship or not. It's nice to have moved all the way up to third.
Now we need to stay up here."

Vandergriff remains winless in NHRA competition but his eighth career
runner-up finish lifted him from 13th to ninth place in the standings.
Bernstein moved from eighth place to third overall.

Anderson has now won three of the first five races of the year and is
already 129 points ahead in the series standings. Coughlin did what he
could in the final, leaving the line in .018 seconds to Anderson's
.030-second start, but Anderson's Summit Racing Pontiac GTO had caught
and passed Coughlin's Slammers/Jegs.com Chevrolet Cobalt by half track,
winning with a 6.724 at 205.29 mph to Coughlin's 6.758 at 204.45 mph.

It was Anderson's 46th career victory and his final run was the quickest
and fastest of the weekend in his category.

"I sure didn't think I'd be here at the start of the day," Anderson
said. "We struggled a bit in qualifying and then lost lane choice after
Round 1 and we thought we were in big trouble. It took just about a
miracle and somehow we got one with a .003 [second] light. Then we had
to race the right lane again against Dave Connolly and we managed to win
again. I don't know if that's ever happened to me before."

The NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series continues with the Summit Racing
Equipment NHRA Southern Nationals, April 26-29 at Atlanta Dragway,
Commerce, Ga.

* * *

LAS VEGAS -- Final finish order (1-16) for professional categories at
the Eighth annual NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals at The Strip at Las
Vegas Motor Speedway.  The race is the fifth of 23 events in the NHRA
POWERade Drag Racing Series.

1.  Brandon Bernstein; 2.  Bob Vandergriff; 3.  Morgan Lucas; 4.  Rod
Fuller; 5.  Larry Dixon; 6. J.R. Todd; 7.  Joe Hartley; 8.  Cory
McClenathan; 9.  Hillary Will; 10.  Melanie Troxel; 11.  David Grubnic;
12.  Clay Millican; 13.  Tony Schumacher; 14.  Whit Bazemore; 15.  Brady
Kalivoda; 16. Mike Strasburg.

1.  Robert Hight, Ford Mustang; 2.  Ron Capps, Dodge Charger; 3.  Jack
Beckman, Charger; 4.  Jim Head, Toyota Solara; 5.  Kenny Bernstein,
Charger; 6.  Del Worsham, Chevy Impala; 7.  Scott Kalitta, Solara; 8.
Ashley Force, Mustang; 9.  Gary Densham, Chevy Monte Carlo; 10.  Jeff
Arend, Monte Carlo; 11.  Tony Pedregon, Monte Carlo; 12.  Mike Ashley,
Charger; 13.  Gary Scelzi, Charger; 14.  Cruz Pedregon, Monte Carlo; 15.
Tommy Johnson Jr., Impala; 16.  Tony Bartone, Monte Carlo.

1.  Greg Anderson, Pontiac GTO; 2.  Jeg Coughlin, Chevy Cobalt; 3.  Dave
Connolly, Cobalt; 4. Allen Johnson, Dodge Stratus; 5.  Richie Stevens,
Stratus; 6.  V. Gaines, Stratus; 7.  Jim Yates, GTO; 8.  Warren Johnson,
GTO; 9.  Jason Line, GTO; 10.  Kurt Johnson, Cobalt; 11.  Larry Morgan,
Stratus; 12.  Max Naylor, Stratus; 13.  Mike Edwards, GTO; 14.  Kenny
Koretsky, Cobalt; 15.  Erica Enders, Stratus; 16.  Greg Stanfield, GTO.

LAS VEGAS -- Sunday's final results from the Eighth annual NHRA
SummitRacing.com Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
The race is the fifth of 23 in the  NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series:

Top Fuel -- Brandon Bernstein, 4.521 seconds, 330.07 mph  def. Bob
Vandergriff, 4.828 seconds, 298.87 mph.

Funny Car -- Robert Hight, Ford Mustang, 5.126, 282.90  def. Ron Capps,
Dodge Charger, 5.592, 178.57.

Pro Stock -- Greg Anderson, Pontiac GTO, 6.724, 205.29  def. Jeg
Coughlin, Chevy Cobalt, 6.758, 204.45.

Top Alcohol Dragster -- Joey Severance, 5.359, 267.11  def. Morgan
Lucas, 13.877, 75.88.

Top Alcohol Funny Car -- Jay Payne, Chevy Camaro, 5.716, 255.05  def.
Sean Bellemeur, Camaro, 5.815, 252.85.

Competition Eliminator -- Frank Aragona, Bantam Roadster, 8.593, 151.14
def. David Rampy, Bantam Roadster, 7.382, 177.93.

Stock Eliminator -- Jody Lang, Chevy Malibu, 12.892, 97.99  def. David
Rampy, Chevy Camaro, 11.456, 111.09.

Super Comp -- Matt Constant, Dragster, 9.092, 155.79  def. Bill Koski,
Dragster, 9.014, 158.48.

Super Gas -- Rodney Lee, Chevy Corvette, 10.007, 158.26  def. Robert
Naber, Chevy S-10, 9.999, 155.90.

LAS VEGAS -- Final round-by-round results from the Eighth annual NHRA
SummitRacing.com Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the
fifth of 23 events in the  NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series:


ROUND ONE -- Morgan Lucas, 4.547, 316.82 def. Melanie Troxel, 4.611,
314.75; Joe Hartley, 4.618, 328.70 def. David Grubnic, 4.686, 318.39;
Bob Vandergriff, 5.955, 291.07 def. Brady Kalivoda, 6.576, 127.19; Larry
Dixon, 4.588, 316.60 def. Hillary Will, 4.568, 326.56; J.R. Todd, 4.598,
315.86 def. Tony Schumacher, 6.153, 152.97; Cory McClenathan, 4.639,
316.60 def. Whit Bazemore, 6.270, 139.85; Rod Fuller, 4.580, 324.90 def.
Mike Strasburg, 7.228, 114.79; Brandon Bernstein, 4.955, 209.04 def.
Clay Millican, 5.028, 240.64;

QUARTERFINALS -- Bernstein, 4.541, 328.14 def. McClenathan, 4.857,
226.47; Vandergriff, 4.591, 319.07 def. Hartley, 4.669, 286.38; Fuller,
4.545, 327.11 def. Dixon, 4.584, 318.47; Lucas, 4.563, 324.83 def. Todd,
4.644, 313.15;

SEMIFINALS -- Vandergriff, 4.596, no speed def. Fuller, 5.413, 164.07;
Bernstein, 4.548, 326.95 def. Lucas, 4.585, 326.16;

FINAL -- Bernstein, 4.521, 330.07 def. Vandergriff, 4.828, 298.87.


ROUND ONE -- Del Worsham, Chevy Impala, 4.842, 325.69 def. Gary Densham,
Chevy Monte Carlo, 4.804, 317.05; Ashley Force, Ford Mustang, 4.883,
302.75 def. Cruz Pedregon, Monte Carlo, 5.958, 157.72; Jack Beckman,
Dodge Charger, 4.775, 327.19 def. Mike Ashley, Charger, 5.106, 250.74;
Robert Hight, Mustang, 4.777, 320.81 def. Tommy Johnson Jr., Impala,
7.831, 112.98; Ron Capps, Charger, 4.820, 317.42 def. Jeff Arend, Monte
Carlo, 4.845, 324.75; Kenny Bernstein, Charger, 4.818, 319.37 def. Tony
Pedregon, Monte Carlo, 4.992, 248.02; Jim Head, Toyota Solara, 4.846,
313.66 def. Gary Scelzi, Charger, 5.157, 307.09; Scott Kalitta, Solara,
4.841, 320.43 def. Tony Bartone, Monte Carlo, 9.882, 79.92;

QUARTERFINALS -- Head, 4.856, 277.32 def. A. Force, 4.979, 315.56; R.
Capps, 4.828, 320.66 def. Bernstein, 4.811, 315.71; Beckman, 4.767,
325.77 def. Kalitta, 4.847, 314.75; Hight, 4.728, 326.24 def. Worsham,
4.819, 322.96;

SEMIFINALS -- R. Capps, 4.788, 322.11 def. Beckman, 4.782, 323.97;
Hight, 4.766, 324.90 def. Head, 4.820, 307.58;

FINAL -- Hight, 5.126, 282.90 def. R. Capps, 5.592, 178.57.


ROUND ONE -- Jim Yates, Pontiac GTO, 6.776, 203.43 def. Erica Enders,
Dodge Stratus, 16.083, 50.35; Warren Johnson, GTO, 6.791, 202.58 def.
Jason Line, GTO, 6.775, 204.85; Richie Stevens, Stratus, 6.754, 203.22
def. Greg Stanfield, GTO, foul; V. Gaines, Stratus, 6.778, 203.19 def.
Kurt Johnson, Chevy Cobalt, 6.801, 203.00; Allen Johnson, Stratus,
6.770, 203.25 def. Mike Edwards, GTO, 6.820, 202.70; Dave Connolly,
Cobalt, 6.767, 202.64 def. Larry Morgan, Stratus, foul; Greg Anderson,
GTO, 6.759, 204.76 def. Kenny Koretsky, Cobalt, 13.164, 64.92; Jeg
Coughlin, Cobalt, 6.754, 203.74 def.
Max Naylor, Stratus, 6.815, 202.48;

QUARTERFINALS -- A. Johnson, 6.758, 203.22 def. Gaines, 6.796, 203.52;
Connolly, 6.750, 203.03 def. W. Johnson, 6.802, 202.61; Anderson, 6.761,
204.76 def. Stevens, 6.760, 203.03; Coughlin, 6.764, 203.46 def. Yates,

SEMIFINALS -- Coughlin, 6.740, 203.95 def. A. Johnson, foul; Anderson,
6.740, 204.60 def. Connolly, 6.746, 203.19;

FINAL -- Anderson, 6.724, 205.29 def. Coughlin, 6.758, 204.45.

LAS VEGAS -- Point standings (top 10) for NHRA professional categories
following the Eighth annual NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals at The Strip
at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the fifth of 23 events in the  NHRA
POWERade Drag Racing Series -

Top Fuel

1.  Rod Fuller, 383; 2.  J.R. Todd, 342; 3.  Brandon Bernstein, 327; 4.
Tony Schumacher, 304; 5. Whit Bazemore, 295; 6.  Larry Dixon, 293; 7.
David Grubnic, 261; 8.  Melanie Troxel, 246; 9.  Bob Vandergriff, 222;
10.  Joe Hartley, 205.

Funny Car

1.  Ron Capps, 458; 2.  Robert Hight, 370; 3.  Tony Pedregon, 314; 4.
Jim Head, 301; 5.  Gary Scelzi, 279; 6.  Cruz Pedregon, 213; 7.  Mike
Ashley, 209; 8.  Jeff Arend, 202; 9.  Jack Beckman, 178; 10.  Del
Worsham, 176.

Pro Stock

1.  Greg Anderson, 484; 2.  Jason Line, 355; 3.  Dave Connolly, 329; 4.
Jeg Coughlin, 315; 5. Allen Johnson, 250; 6.  Mike Edwards, 244; 7.
Greg Stanfield, 242; 8.  V. Gaines, 221; 9.  Kurt Johnson, 219; 10.
Warren Johnson, 207.


Schumacher, Ashley and Coughlin earn No. 1 qualifying positions; Kalitta
also sees qualifying streak end at 164 races

LAS VEGAS --  One of the most impressive streaks in motorsports came to
an end Saturday in Las Vegas when 14-time Funny Car champion John Force
failed to qualify for eliminations for the first time in 395 races.

Force and Top Fuel contender Doug Kalitta, whose class-leading streak of
races also ended this weekend, will be observers when the
SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals begin Sunday morning at 11 a.m.

Friday leaders Tony Schumacher, Mike Ashley, and Jeg Coughlin remained
on top of their respective fields at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing
Series event at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Force last failed to qualify in 1987 at the NHRA Finals in Pomona,

"Whatever ends here, ends," said an upbeat Force, who received a
standing-ovation from an appreciative crowd. "There's still a Force
(daughter Ashley, qualified third) out there so that's good. We've
climbed mountains lately; this is nothing. We'll be fine. It was bound
to happen, so now it has and we'll start over."

Schumacher's third No. 1 qualifying effort of the year and the 38th of
his career, which he earned with a 4.479 at 329.83 mph in his U.S. Army
dragster during Friday's racing, was overshadowed by the shocking DNQ by
rival Kalitta.

"This class is tough top to bottom," Schumacher said. "We've got J.R.
Todd in Round 1 and he's already won two races this year. Doug Kalitta
didn't even make the show. It's brutal."

Kalitta, driver of the Mac Tools/Foose Design dragster, posted a best
run of 4.641, which was well off the pace needed to make the 16-car
starting lineup. His class-leading streak of 164 consecutive races,
dating back to the Phoenix race in 2000, was snapped.

"It's terribly disappointing, but no one here will hold their head
down," Kalitta said. "We didn't make it, and that's that. We just had a
bad weekend. It happens, and we'll move on. I really think this will
just make us a lot stronger. We'll be okay."

Brady Kalivoda remained in second place with his 4.490 in the Marnell
and Moorefield Construction dragster. David Powers Motorsports teammates
"Hot Rod" Fuller and Whit Bazemore were third and fourth with identical

Ashley's first career No. 1 qualifying performance was impressive as his
4.725 second run at a category-best speed of 334.32 mph was well ahead
of his peers' best efforts. The driver of the Torco Racing Fuels Dodge
Charger, who moonlights as a New York mortgage broker, has raced in just
32 national events as a professional.

"I can't even comprehend John (Force's) streak," Ashley said. "It really
just shows you how tough it is out here. That team has everything but
even they can get tripped up. It happened to us in Gainesville. Man, I
feel bad for him but they'll be fine."

Ashley will open against Vegas' most recent winner, Jack Beckman, who
was the man responsible for bumping Force when he posted a 4.837 at
321.73 mph in his Mail Terminal Services Charger. The run placed him
16th overall. Force ended up 17th with a best of 4.852 at 311.41 mph in
his Castrol GTX High-Mileage Ford Mustang.

Coughlin earned his 10th career top qualifying award and his second in
as many races. His 6.733 at 204.26 mph from Friday afternoon kept his
Slammers/Jegs.com Chevrolet Cobalt on top as no one was able to
challenge the pass in Saturday's sunshine.

"We're absolutely pumped about the performance of these Slammers
racecars," Coughlin said. "Of course the win is the thing we're all
after but it's always exciting to know you have a good, consistent, and
very quick race car heading into eliminations. Now it's time to turn
some of these great qualifying efforts into wins. Victor (Cagnazzi, team
owner) needs a few trophies on his desk to remind him why we do this
crazy stuff."

Coughlin's teammate at Cagnazzi Racing, Dave Connolly, is second in his
Torco/Slammers Cobalt with the same E.T. but a slightly slower 203.49
mph top speed. Greg Anderson was the quickest of the day, moving up to
third with a 6.737 at a track record speed of 205.26 mph in his Summit
Racing Pontiac GTO.

* * *

LAS VEGAS -- First-round pairings for professional eliminations Sunday
for the eighth annual NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals at The Strip at
Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the fifth of 23 events in the NHRA POWERade
Drag Racing Series.  Pairings based on results in qualifying, which
ended Saturday.

Top Fuel -- 1. Tony Schumacher, 4.479 seconds, 329.83 mph  vs. 16. J.R.
Todd, 4.618, 312.86; 2. Brady Kalivoda, 4.490, 329.42  vs. 15. Bob
Vandergriff, 4.614, 311.49; 3. Rod Fuller, 4.498, 328.94  vs. 14. Mike
Strasburg, 4.612, 306.19; 4. Whit Bazemore, 4.498, 328.14  vs. 13. Cory
McClenathan, 4.590, 324.67; 5. Brandon Bernstein, 4.506, 330.63  vs. 12.
Clay Millican, 4.581, 322.27; 6. Larry Dixon, 4.540, 324.67  vs. 11.
Hillary Will, 4.569, 329.91; 7. David Grubnic, 4.541, 331.69  vs. 10.
Joe Hartley, 4.559, 328.78; 8. Morgan Lucas, 4.556, 324.59  vs. 9.
Melanie Troxel, 4.558, 327.51.

Funny Car -- 1. Mike Ashley, Dodge Charger, 4.725, 334.32  vs. 16. Jack
Beckman, Charger, 4.837, 321.73; 2. Robert Hight, Ford Mustang, 4.740,
304.87  vs. 15. Tommy Johnson Jr., Chevy Impala, 4.822, 323.97; 3.
Ashley Force, Mustang, 4.748, 321.81  vs. 14. Cruz Pedregon, Chevy Monte
Carlo, 4.819, 292.71; 4. Ron Capps, Charger, 4.762, 323.04  vs. 13. Jeff
Arend, Monte Carlo, 4.818, 318.69; 5. Tony Pedregon, Monte Carlo, 4.763,
328.70  vs. 12. Kenny Bernstein, Charger, 4.816, 316.97; 6. Gary Scelzi,
Charger, 4.772, 325.61  vs. 11. Jim Head, Toyota Solara, 4.806, 322.04;
7. Gary Densham, Monte Carlo, 4.787, 322.04  vs. 10. Del Worsham,
Impala, 4.803, 322.11; 8. Tony Bartone, Monte Carlo, 4.799, 314.75  vs.
9. Scott Kalitta, Solara, 4.799, 323.50.

Pro Stock -- 1. Jeg Coughlin, Chevy Cobalt, 6.733, 204.29  vs. 16. Max
Naylor, Dodge Stratus, 6.794, 202.73; 2. Dave Connolly, Cobalt, 6.733,
203.61  vs. 15. Larry Morgan, Stratus, 6.790, 203.74; 3. Greg Anderson,
Pontiac GTO, 6.737, 205.26  vs. 14. Kenny Koretsky, Cobalt, 6.780,
203.86; 4. Allen Johnson, Stratus, 6.740, 204.17  vs. 13. Mike Edwards,
GTO, 6.779, 203.37; 5. V. Gaines, Stratus, 6.748, 203.89  vs. 12. Kurt
Johnson, Cobalt, 6.771, 203.43; 6. Richie Stevens, Stratus, 6.749,
204.08  vs. 11. Greg Stanfield, GTO, 6.768, 203.74; 7. Warren Johnson,
GTO, 6.756, 203.58  vs. 10. Jason Line, GTO, 6.767, 204.82; 8. Jim




Schumacher and Coughlin also are early race leaders in their categories

LAS VEGAS -- Mike Ashley raced to the fastest Funny Car speed in drag
racing history Friday night at the SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals.

Tony Schumacher and Jeg Coughlin also were leaders in their respective
categories at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Ashley powered his Torco Racing Fuels Dodge Charger to a category-best
speed of 334.32 mph during a 4.725-second run to claim the top spot in
Funny Car. Ashley has been the provisional No. 1 qualifier twice before
but he's never held on to the No. 1 spot through all four rounds.

Ashley's interview after his record run was almost as blurred as his
stunning top speed as the fast-talking New Yorker excitedly described
his class-leading pass.

"It's really exciting," Ashley said. "This is something that's been in
the works for us. We were the quickest and fastest car in Houston on
race day and now that's carried over to here. I think we have a quality
team and that's exciting because I haven't been able to win yet for our
sponsor Evan Knoll. I really want to do it for him because he's been
with me from the start."

Robert Hight shut his Auto Club Ford Mustang off early but still managed
a 4.740 at 288.70 mph, the best of the three John Force Racing cars,
which returned to action this weekend. Hight's teammate Ashley Force was
fourth overall with a 4.793 in her Castrol GTX Mustang, while her father
John, who was No. 1 after the opening round, slipped to 14th place with
his 4.888 second run in his Castrol GTX High-Mileage Mustang.

Schumacher's Friday night run of 4.479 at 329.83 in his U.S. Army
dragster put the four-time champ at the front of the Top Fuel starting

"We've built a great sport here," Schumacher said. "There's going to be
lots of side-by-side racing down this beautiful track Sunday. You can
already tell because the field is tight. The bump's a 4.65 and let me
tell you, if you're not in, that's an uncomfortable feeling when you
know it's going to be 80 degrees tomorrow."

Brady Kalivoda is making the most of his debut with Coghlin Motorsports,
driving their Marnell and Moorefield Construction dragster to a
career-best run of 4.490 at 329.42 mph to hold the No. 2 position in the

Local favorite "Hot Rod" Fuller, the current NHRA POWERade Series points
leader, is third in his all-white David Powers Homes dragster after a
4.498 at 328.94 mph, the final 4.4-second car in the field.

Coughlin had the quickest car in Pro Stock, powering his
Slammers/Jegs.com Chevy Cobalt to a 6.733 at 204.26.

"That was one of those Pro Stock sessions where every car that went down
the track was getting quicker and quicker," said Coughlin, a three-time
winner at LVMS (2000, '01, and '02). "We were getting bumped down the
ladder and that's always an uneasy feeling but the good news is as the
session went along the sun kept going down. By the time we got up there
the track was totally shaded."

Dave Connolly had the exact same elapsed time as teammate Coughlin but
was slightly slower with a top speed of 203.49 mph, relegating his
Torco/Slammers machine to second.

Qualifying continues Saturday with sessions at noon and 3 p.m.

* * *

LAS VEGAS -- Results Friday after qualifying for the eighth annual NHRA
SummitRacing.com Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway,
fifth of 23 events in the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series.  Qualifying
will continue Saturday for Sunday's final eliminations.

Top Fuel -- 1. Tony Schumacher, 4.479 seconds, 329.83 mph; 2. Brady
Kalivoda, 4.490, 329.42; 3. Rod Fuller, 4.498, 328.94; 4. Whit Bazemore,
4.501, 328.14; 5. David Grubnic, 4.541, 331.69; 6. Brandon Bernstein,
4.541, 327.27; 7. Morgan Lucas, 4.556, 324.59; 8. Joe Hartley, 4.559,
328.78; 9. Hillary Will, 4.569, 325.85; 10. Clay Millican, 4.581,
322.27; 11. Cory McClenathan, 4.590, 324.67; 12. Larry Dixon, 4.590,
319.75; 13. Mike Strasburg, 4.612, 306.19; 14. Bob Vandergriff, 4.623,
308.50; 15. Alan Bradshaw, 4.641, 300.93; 16. Doug Kalitta, 4.651,

Funny Car -- 1. Mike Ashley, Dodge Charger, 4.725, 334.32; 2. Robert
Hight, Ford Mustang, 4.740, 304.87; 3. Gary Scelzi, Charger, 4.772,
325.61; 4. Ashley Force, Mustang, 4.793, 321.81; 5. Tony Bartone, Chevy
Monte Carlo, 4.799, 314.75; 6. Scott Kalitta, Toyota Solara, 4.799,
313.15; 7. Del Worsham, Chevy Impala, 4.803, 316.97; 8. Ron Capps,
Charger, 4.812, 323.04; 9. Tommy Johnson Jr., Impala, 4.822, 323.97; 10.
Cruz Pedregon, Monte Carlo, 4.832, 279.73; 11. Jack Beckman, Charger,
4.856, 320.58; 12. Tim Wilkerson, Monte Carlo, 4.866, 315.93; 13. Kenny
Bernstein, Charger, 4.873, 308.99; 14. John Force, Mustang, 4.888,
318.47; 15. Jeff Arend, Monte Carlo, 4.915, 312.57; 16. Jon Capps,
Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 4.995, 296.63.

Pro Stock -- 1. Jeg Coughlin, Chevy Cobalt, 6.733, 204.26; 2. Dave
Connolly, Cobalt, 6.733, 203.49; 3. Allen Johnson, Dodge Stratus, 6.740,
204.17; 4. V. Gaines, Stratus, 6.748, 203.83; 5. Greg Anderson, Pontiac
GTO, 6.749, 204.79; 6. Richie Stevens, Stratus, 6.749, 203.68; 7. Warren
Johnson, GTO, 6.756, 203.28; 8. Jim Yates, GTO, 6.762, 203.49; 9. Erica
Enders, Stratus, 6.763, 202.97; 10. Greg Stanfield, GTO, 6.768, 203.74;
11. Mike Edwards, GTO, 6.779, 203.37; 12. Kenny Koretsky, Cobalt, 6.781,
203.49; 13. Max Naylor, Stratus, 6.794, 202.73; 14. Jason Line, GTO,
6.796, 204.35; 15. Tom Hammonds, Cobalt, 6.797, 202.97; 16. Justin
Humphreys, GTO, 6.803, 203.16.

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